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Vanessa - November 27

I am 12dpo today. My temps have been up above coverline (96.2) since I O'd on the 15th. However, this morning my temperature was at 96.5, down from 97.2 the past few days. Does this mean AF is about to show it's nasty head? I'm so confused, first month temping and not liking this sign. I tested with early PT yesterday and got a negative. Honestly, this just does look like it's my month does it?


well, - November 27

it doesn't sound good, but you never know.good luck.


maybe... - November 27

but it could also be an implantation dip also. You wouldnt test positive until anfter implantation, cause thats when the hormone starts producing. I would wait a few days to see if af shows, then test.


Vanessa - November 27

Thanks maybe... I have kind of given up but what you say makes sense. I guess I'll wait and see what happens before I go and jump to drastic conclusions! Thanks.


Julybaby - November 27

Hi Vanessa. I had the same thing happen. I tend to sleep with my mouth open and got low readings a couple days late in my cycle, but I ended up pregnant. Good luck to you. Also, room temperature can make a difference.


Vanessa - November 27

Actually, I sleep with my mouth open as well. Plus, had a small gla__s of wine and am wandering if that is affecting my temps. Congrats on your BFP. I'm a Julybaby myself!


Vanessa - November 28

13dpo and temp back up to 97.5. Does this mean anything?


me - November 28

Sounds good to me. Being 13dpo, I'd test tomorrow if you don't get af.


Heather - November 28

I have been testing with BBT since day 20dpo Temps have been 97.20 to 98.39 It is now day 23dpo. Is this anything.


cindy - November 29

Vanessa; have you tested again? i thought the same thing when i got a dip. in fact my temps went down for 3 days and the 3rd day was my lowest temp. way below my cover line. but the following day it went way up and now i am 5 weeks pg. i thought for sure my af was on teh way and was devestated. so i guess the thing is that if it goes back up in the next 2 days or so then it looks good. if it keeps going down and stays down then not so good. good luck i wish you the best!! Have you girls ever e-mailed Momma Kath?? google her name and you'll get an e-mail address. i just kept sending her my temps and asking questions she was great.


Vanessa - November 29

Cindy, congrats! that's just wonderful that your BFP!!! When did you find out? My temp this am at 14 dpo was 97.4 so still above coverline. I'm just so afraid to test because I have that AF feeling. I think I may wait and see what happens tomorrow. I really worried about an upset again this month as I have no symptoms today. I'll keep you posted!


Cindy - November 29

Vanessa; I just found out a week ago. I really didn't think i was pg because i had no symptoms at all and since i had only had one cycle since my m/c i really didn't know when AF was supposed to come but it had been 30 since my last AF and my cycles were never that long so i took the test and it was a BFP!!! I was really excited and still am but i'm still nervous since i m/c at 9 weeks with my last pregnancy only 3 months ago. I hope you get a BFP too. don't think you aren't just because you don't have symptoms. not everyone does. good luck



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