Temperature And Af

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Hanna - March 2

Hi there,.. I was wondering.. does anyone know how many days before af your temperature is supposed to drop? I have been tracking mine since the beginning of this cycle and read somewhere on the internet that during ovulation your temperature drops, right after it your temperature rises and that before your af starts your temp is supposed to drop again. My temperature did exactly as expected and now I am waiting and wondering if anyone knows how many days before af it is supposed to go down. I am so hoping that af won't show and that my temperature won't go down!


stacey - March 2

I think t drops either the day before, or the day of.


~m~ - March 2

I have been charting my cycle for a few weeks now. I got pregnant the first cycle, so I don't know what it does before AF. However, I can tell you what mine did without AF. My BBT didn't really go down before ovulation, but a day or 2 after ovulation, it shot up about a half a degree. Then the next day, it went on up to more than a degree above my resting BBT. It stayed at about 96.8-97.0 in the weeks leading up to ovulation. Then it shot up to 98.2 and stayed there. About 3 days later, it shot up to 99.5 for a day. That was implantation. (When you get that 3rd spike, it is called a triphasic curve) Then it went back down to 98.2. I am miscarrying right now, so my temps are dropping. But until this, they stayed elevated. Best of luck to you!! :o)


Grandpa Viv - March 2

Great post, ~m~. Hanna, if your temp stays high for 18 days after O it is a great sign. Normally it drops in the couple of days before AF. If you follow the Grandpa Viv link at http://www.ppowb.org you will come to some links on this.


Susan - March 2

My temps are crazy! My temps normally are around 96.7-96.9 and go to 97.4-97.6 after ovulation. On Jan 27 my temps went to 97.4 and have stayed there until Feb 24. Since then they have been 98.3-98.4. I have every symptom imaginable but as of Feb 26, still negative HCG. I have been trying for 2 years for 2nd child, have had 4 miscarriage and don't want to go to my doc until I have a +ive test. Any ideas?


Susan - March 2

I forgot to mention...Feb 9-10 had some light spotting, morning only on each day.


Hanna - March 2

Thank you all for your answers! I didn't get a third spike, so I am afraid that it won't happen for me this time. But we'll see. As long as my temperature doesn't drop I can still hope. I am really sorry to hear about your miscarriage ~m~. I wish you all the best!


Hanna - March 2

I forgot: I had a look at Grandpa Viv's link. Great stuff!


Erin - March 2

They say if your temp stays up for atleast 18 days after ovulation, there's a good chance that you may be pregnant


~m~ - March 2

Thanks for the compliment Grandpa Viv! Hanna, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't imply that you have to get a 3rd spike to have hope (or to be pregnant). I have read that although some women do see that, some do not. Keep your fingers crossed girl!! Good luck!! PS - I love your name!


Hanna - March 5

Thanks ~m~! (for the compliment and your post). I am still waiting (keeping fingers crossed too). My temperature hasn't dropped yet And right now I am 13 dpo. I'm getting in the 'excited' stage. I'll keep you posted and good luck to you too!


Hanna - March 6

Well, I couldn't wait any longer.. since I am 14 dpo today (which should be my af day) I took a hpt. Negative! I am so disappointed. Maybe I took it too early, but I am not sure I can convince myself I did. Still, my temperature hasn't dropped yet. In fact, it has been rising these last days instead. And my b___bs feel pretty sore since 5 dpo and that has never been an af sign for me.. But this negative test has gotten me quite down, I must say. I hope you all have more luck!!



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