Temperature Question

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Jen - May 9

It is 10 days since ovulation. Yesterday my temps dropped a bit (.3 degrees), but are back up today to where they have been for the past week. When should I see them drop for AF? or rather when should I get excited that they haven't dropped. I am on day 28 of my cycle which was 31 days last month.


stacey - May 9

Temps can drop anywhere from a couple of days before af to a couple of days after- depends on the person. Mine drop the day of. However, if your temps stay up for 18 days, that's when you should start to think it's possible.


Jen - May 9

Uggh, so can't think much of it for another 8 days!!! painful!!!


stacey - May 9

yeah I know, I was there last cycle- this one I just don't think I'm ovulating- on cd26- of a 36-40 day cycle and nothing going on!!! Talking about frustrating!!


maddie - May 9

My temps have been up for a week at 98.5... not sure what that means,,,,,am due for AF 5/15


Jen - May 10

Maddie, your temps go up right after OV and should stay up until right around AF time. So that is normal.


Elisa - June 2

I have been trying to concieve for 3 years + without any kind of meds. Now i am currently on Clomid. I have been taking my tempurature everyday since my last mentral. What kind of temperature am I looking out for? In the past 3 days it has been 99.0 - 99.8 Normally it is 97. Am I to make love when my temp is that high? What exactly does my temperature mean?


Becky - June 3

Elisa, temps rise AFTER ovulation, so you want to make love a few days before and up to when your temps rise. You said that you've been taking your bbt since your last menstral...was it lower in the beginning and then rose one day to where it is now? If so, keep track of the time table so you know approx when to start making love next month. The # of days from the temp rise to your next menstral will give you the approx # for your Lutal phase (time b/w ov and next period). That will also help you get to know your cycle.



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