Temperature Rise

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Sarah - December 16

Just wondering from those of you who are testing your temp, is it normal for your temperature to still be high 2 days before your period?? Mine after period was roughly 97.5...didn't notice a specific spike (shift worker) but do notice that my temp is still 98.3 and 99.1 during the day 1 more than normal.........can anyone help me with this???


Christine - December 17

Usually if your watching you will notice that during ovulation your temp rises..if you concieve it stays high...if you dont it returns to normal...(usually)...unless you just have a cold or something...look it up under ovulation


Sarah - December 17

Thanks Christine, There is so much info out there that is somewhat conflicting... I read a chart on some site that said your temp stays high right until your next period comes.....so now I'm really unsure. I definately don't have a cold though, at least not one that I have noticed!!! Your trying TTC obviously...how are thing going for you?


Grandpa Viv - December 17

http://www.fertilityplus.org/faq/bbt/bbtfaq.html (take out any hyphens that creep in) The chart shown here stays high until just a couple of days before it takes a dive at menstruation. If you do a search on BBT triphasic you will prob come up with a reference to the temp climbing to third level with pregnancy. The whole BBT thing depends on taking your temp on waking each morning. I imagine a shift worker might have probs with this on account of non-work days.


Sarah - December 17

Thanks Grandpa Viv This chart sounds similar to the one I was looking at. I have been doing well taking my temp...there were a few days I didn't though. I initially didn't want to do all this stuff I just wanted to let it happen naturally. However my target date is nearing so I'm trying to stay calm but also take a more hands on approach. I will do a search on BBT triphasic and see what I come up with. Thanks Allot!!



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