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JessicaC - June 21

Hey. Normally my temperature is 98.1-98.3, sometimes even lower. Well, Lately it has been in the high 98's and yesterday was 99.1, this morning was 99.3, and I just checked again and it is 99.6. I checked just now because I felt like I had a fever. I'm 6dpo. First of all, how reliable of a predictor is your temp? Second, should I take anything for it? The only time I've taken something for a fever is when it was really high and I was really sick, so I took some advil. But is it bad to have a fever (even if it isn't very high) when you are pg? Sorry ladies, all of this stuff is so new to me!


Rhonda - June 21

They say if your temp stays up for 18 days or more after ovulation,then you should take a pregnancy test.I would recommend you to take tylenol,it's safe to take during pregnancy.


Lin - June 21

Your temps don't mean anything if they're not your basal temps, meaning you have to take your temp before you do anything in the morning - before you get out of bed, drink, eat or even talk. If the temps you've given indeed are your basal temps, then you should see a doctor, because follicular phase basal temps of 98.1-98.3 may indicate hyperthyroidism. At any rate, even elevated temps don't mean anything at 6 dpo other than to indicate that you've already ovulated. As Rhonda said, they only indicate pregnancy if your temp is still elevated at 18 dpo or later (or three days after your longest luteal phase). By the way, for the non-North Americans on the board, Tylenol = Paracetamol.


JessicaC - June 21

Thanks. I take my temps in the morning before everything, except I do get out of bed. Didn't know that made a difference. There are lots of thyroid problems in my family, actually my mom just suggested that I get mine checked out, so maybe I will. Rather than take my temp for 18 days, I will just take a hpt around 14dpo. Thanks again.



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