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Jenn - March 30

How do I begin? My af began on Sunday and ended today - if I start temping tomorrow morning what would a temp reading be - like 98 or something? When you O your temp rises? So if I see a rise in temp should I wake my hubby or will I be okay until later that evening? I've been trying for 6 months now - the discharge thing didn't do much to help me out - I defin. don't O on a 14 day cycle - we have pinpointed the 14th day for the past 3 months and It didn't work - is it possible to have a 28/29 day cycle and O before or after the 14th day?


v - March 30

I personally use the ClearBlue easy ovulation tests, which in my opinion is much easier to understand. I can't answer your question about the temps but when I first started using the ovul.tests. I think I went through about 4 test sticks until I finally found when I ovulate. Then from there, I keep a log book and try to keep track of everything from beginning of period to end of period, to symptoms, and of course the ovulation. Just remember that the egg usually is dropped for only about 24 hours so you should try to have s_x a couple of days prior to ovulation so the sperm is already there when the egg drops.The sperm can live inside your body up until 72 hours.I myself have been trying to conceive for 6 months also, so I know what your going through. Every woman is different, you may want to try the ovulation tests to try to pinpoint it a little easier. Good Luck to you and your husband.


Jenn - March 30

Hi V; thank you for answering so quickly. I'll go buy the test tonight. I'm thinking that while we are on vacation next week would most likely be when I O. So it will hopefully be a fun week with hubby. I wish you luck with ttc - maybe we just needed the 6 months to get our bodys ready - I'm praying we get it right this month. Otherwise off to the doctor for me - at 36 I don't have time to fool with whatever may be wrong.


Lindsey - March 30

Hi Jenn, I also started charting last month. So, I'm fairly new to this. Everyone is different, and ovulating on the 14th day for every woman is highly unlikely. And the same goes for a 28 day cycle. I myself found out I ovulate right after my af..usually around Day 11 or 12. If it wasn't for going to fertilityfriend.com and charting, I probably would have never gotten pregnant. As for temps after ovulation, they should remain high like in the high 97's to 98's. If they stay high for at least 18 days past ovulation it's a good sign that you may indeed be pregnant. If your temp drops around that time or any time you are expecting af, chances are she's on her way. About the temps right after af...i myself get a little confused so I don't want to tell you the wrong advice. BUT with my temps, after af they are all over the place...! so I too, am relying on my friends at ff.com to help me out. If that's where you chart, I'm sure they will be happy to help you! Good luck Jenn.


stacey - March 30

Jenn- this is my second month charting. First one was after a m/c, so I'm a bit new. First, make sure you take it first thing in the am before getting out of bed. Two, your temps will be low until after you ovulate- then they go up. BIG thing- afer they have gone up is too late!!! Most people don't ovulateon day 14,but for some reason that is the general thing. I am trying a plan called spermmeets egg to try and conceive again: http://www.pregnancyloss.info/sperm_meets_egg_plan.htm it talks about ovulation tests after day 10 just in case. Fertilityfriend.com is a greatplace to start learning and they chart the first month free.


stacey - March 30

V- do you use the easy Clearblue sticks- pee on kind? you find them good? I have started with them and am having trouble. The day I bought them, I did it in the afternoon, saw a line that was similar to test strip, and then started to test in the am- alwasy lighter. So, not sure if I ovulated- I temp as well, and the temps haven't risen. If it's not too personal,when do you test and what do the lines look like when pos? Please help, I posted on 2 places about these tests and noone really knew. Thanks.


Jenn - March 31

Hi girls, thanks so much for the information. I really didn't think it would be so difficult to get pregnant. It's amazing. I have a feeling I'm not one who O on the 14th day - I think it's a lot sooner than that - I'm hoping that is the case and it will be while on vacation next week; if it's not - I'll cry - my husband is away 11th through 16th so April would be out of the questions. I'm finally starting to understand the whole temp thing. Thanks again girls. I'll keep you posted.


Peggy - March 31

Go to www.fertilityfriend.com and it answers every question you have about temping. Do not wait untill the temp rise to bd. The rise means O has already happened and you would be out of luck. Good Luck


b - March 31




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