Temping And Ovulation

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Kristen - January 22

When your temp spikes up does that mean you are ovulating or already have? My doctor has me temping this cycle and am curious about that.


SuzieQ - January 22

If your temperature reads three high temperatures three days in a row (over 0.4F higher than previous temperatures) then you have ovulated. If you just have one high temp, and it drops again, then it was probably just a random spike, which does happen. Hope that helps! ***baby dust****


Lin - January 22

It also does not necessarily have to be 0.4F higher. My temp only went up 0.2F this month after ovulation, but my pre-ovulation temps were about 0.3F higher than last month.


Kristen - January 24

So I am guessing that when your temperature spikes then you have ovulated already. My temp went from 97.7 to 98.2 today. Do you think that is my spike? My fertility monitor has not peaked yet so I don't know what to think.


LS - January 24

could be - but maybe not - keep bd'ing - sometimes temps will go up, then back down before you get your O spike - so keep going! don't make the same mistake I did!! (plus, if your monitor hasn't hit peak yet, that's more reason to keep on going!!) baby dust!!!


linds99 - January 24

When your temp is low that is before ovulation, when it spikes, it means you already ovulated...from what I read.


Lin - January 24

LS is right. Sometime your temps can go up even before you've ovulated, but you can only know by also monitoring your cp and cm. Take a look at my chart. On the top graph, this month is in green and last month in blue. Last month my temp went up once, then dipped down the next day for ovulation and then went back up the next day. This month it dipped for ovulation, then went up, back down once and up for the rest of the month. I only know which dip this month was ovulation by my cp and cm. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/lin



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