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whatisgoingon - February 23

This is month #1 TEMPING! Yay! But I am confused. Help me understand what I am looking at, I am only on cd5, but can anyone explain what happens in your temps when you are about to ovulate and do ovulate? Can you tell when I will know when I am ovulating via the temps recorded? Also, if you have implantation/conceived after ovulation, what happens to your temps, do they keep rising and stay high or what? Any info would greatly be appreciated. Thanking you! xo


kelly607 - February 23

Hi, i am new to temping also however the way i understand it for instance if you have a 30 day cycle from day 1 of your period and for approx 15 days after that your temp will be the same then the day after you ovulate it will go up by about 2-4 degree until your next period when it will go down again however if you are pg it will stay high really you can only predict ovulation the following month as temping only shows you when you already have o'd. I have started this month and it seems to be working! hope this helps ps i may be wrong! x


krissy2006 - February 23

Hey there whatisgoingon. I know temping can be VERY confusing but here is the simple way to put it. Well, as simple as you can get. :) Okay so in your follicular phase (the time before O) your temps will be low. What is low for you? no one knows yet. It could be anywhere ranging from the high 96's to the mid 98's. Just depends and it will pan out as you temp. REMEMBER TO TEMP SAME TIME EVERY MORNING TO GET AN ACCURATE CHART. So your temps will be low (erratic possibly during your period but it is still good to temp during this time) When you get close to ovulation your temp will either dip OR stay the same. Then the day after ovulation your temp will make a thermal shift upward. Now there are steady shifts and there are spiked shifts and again you will see how your body works as your chart pans out. You will need 3 elevated temps to confirm ovulation. (THEREFORE YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE OVULATED OR WHEN YOU MIGHT OVULATE ON YOUR FIRST CHART AND IT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA TO KEEP TRACK OF CM AND USE OPKS) In your luteal phase your temperatures should remain high in that 2nd level of temps. Around CD's 6-10 you may or may not have a dip which could or may not be implantation. I have had many dips without pregnancy and many charts without dips. Then as you near when your period should be due, if you are pregnant your temps will most likely stay elevated OR maybe even rise to a third level (triphasic chart). Some women this happens to even if they are not pregnant and not all pregnant women have a triphasic chart. That is why temping is pretty much ONLY good for finding when/if you ovulate. If you are not pregnant, a few days - the day of your period being due your temps should drop (steady or suddenly, again is up to your body) back to pre-O temps. Hope this helps!


krissy2006 - February 23

Kelly, everyone is different and the shift in temperature is based only on "your invidual body makeup". It could be .2 degrees all the way up to a full degree and 1/2 but by no means will it rise 2-4 degrees... Kelly IS RIGHT however that after the first month of temping you will know more or less when you ovulate and your 2nd month fertilityfriend (if that is who you are using) will give you stats... Green boxes mean that is your fertile window and you should get to BDing and red boxes mean that that is when your period would be due. White boxes indicate when you should test but you won't get a white box on your first month, as Fertilityfriend has no idea how long your cycles are even if you have entered in how long they are.


krissy2006 - February 23

And although I am by no means a "temping guru" (that would be LIN :) ) I have been temping for 7 months and have found that other than when I ovulate, my charts, no matter how wonderful they may appear are ALWAYS misleading. (when it comes to pregnancy) And I have seen other's charts where I could have sworn they would get their period any second and BOOM temp spike and they're pregnant. It really IS AMAZING to watch your own chart unfold and to learn so much about your own body. I currently am no longer temping because I am really no longer TTC (due to the want to lose some weight first) but it was an incredible experience. Just try not to overa___lyze (which everyone does and it is pretty much inevitable...LOL) and try not to stress!!! which again is SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE. If you wanna see my charts my fertilityfriend addy is fertilityfriend.com/home/krissy2006 I know when I first started, looking at other women's charts helped a ton!!


sososleepy - February 23

Your temp should go up after you o and stay up until just before you bleed or give birth. They might go higher if you get pg. There are charts online that I found helpful, but I'm not sure I agree with the O days the software calculated on some of them. I'm also tracking cm and cp and did notice that 3 days after I thought I O'd (and my temp did up.4, down.1, up .6 so it could have been 2 days after I o'd if the 2nd tiny dip before bigger rise was O) my cervix was still soft and high in the am and clearly different, hard and low in the pm. I hope that helps. The charts I've been looking at are on (standard beginning)ovusoft.com/ourtcoyf/gallery/


krissy2006 - February 23

sososleepy... not sure if you were being funny or serious but your temps will not stay elevated until you give birth. During pregnancy (especially after the first 4 weeks) your temps become very erratic due to hormone fluctuations and temping during confirmed healthy pregnancy is highly discouraged to avoid stress. ( like when your temps plummet)


whatisgoingon - February 24

My chart is home/hollzdollz if anyone wants to stalk! :)



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