Temps Low Not Pregnant

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Layla - March 15

I've never been a charter but I read that your temps are usually high during pregnancy. So I took my temp and it was 97.3 Is this definative? I have every other symptom of pregnancy and now AF is late. I've been prego before and felt sure I was now although Hcg is neg. What's up?


Kim - March 15

You will need to chart longer than one day. You can compare that temp with your other temp. 97.3 is not that high I am usually around that temp normally but you temps may be different. You will definitly have to take your temp. more than once to find your average. If your temps are high for 21 days then it's a sure thing that you are pregnant. Usually above 97.7 Good luck


KMH - March 15

Layla, How late are you and are you taking your temp first thing in morn before you even move or get out of bed? I've read so many things can affect your temps but usually your first morning temps should be 98.0 and higher and rising if pregnant. I've been charting for a while, I fluxuate too sometimes, but I'm one day late and my temps are climbing. They are 97.8 and 98.0 in morn. last two days and rise to 98.7 during the day even when resting for over an hour. What are your symptoms?


HB - March 15

Layla, I also am having symptoms of being PG, but my temp is kinda low. What symptoms are you having?


KMH - March 15

Wow we're all on here at the same time! What's everbody's dates?


Lindsey - March 15

Layla: you definitely want to take your temp b4 you get outta bed in the am. Or if you slept uninterupted for at least 3 hours. I also just started charting. My af is due on the 17th. But, My temps are climbing each day. Women are all different when it comes to temps and charting. If you want more info on temps, here is an awesome website. www.fertilityfriend.com The charts on there are great!!!! Good luck and keep us posted~!


Layla - March 15

Thanks for the responses gals. I'm only a day late but boy do I feel prego. For the past week and a half I've been very dizzy, tired and majorly crampy. This weekend I felt sure AF was comming early but only a faint brown streak now nothing other than lots of moisture. I have taken my temps usually at night, during the night, or in the morning and they renge from 97.3 - 98.9 pretty big range.


stacey - March 15

Layla- take your temp only once a day, and after atleast 3 hrs. of sleep- basically first thing in the am- before you get out of bed. fertilityfirsnd.com is a great site- I even use it to chart my temps for me. Pregnacy temps (after ovulation) are usually over 97.6 . Taking Charge of your Fertility is a great book (goes along w/ the website) to help with all of this.



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