Temps Question

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Ashley - November 16

Does your basal temp have to remain high in order to be pregnant?


krob - November 16

your temp is suppose to drop beofre AF if it doesn't that is a good sign of pregnancy


tn - November 16

what do you mean by drop. My temperature have been 98.5, 98.6 and today 98.8. I am supposed to get my AF on 11/18 but tested this morning and got a BFN.


Ashley - November 16

Well I know traditionally it should drop when you get AF, if it remains high it is a good indication of pregnancy. But I was wondering if it is low does that mean that you def aren't preg?


Rachel - November 16

I am doing the same thing. My body temp has been running around 99.1 anywhere to 99.9. What does that mean? AF should be here on or around the 22nd of Nov. Is that a pretty good sign of pregnancy? Thanks for the input.


kristina - November 16

ashley, i would like to know as well. i thought i ovulated, had all the signs, other than cla__sic temp shift. however, my temps have been rising 0.1 degre for the past 4 days and wondering if i'm having a slow shift ? or did i never ovulate ?


lynn - November 16

my temps were ranging around 98 or higher. I had big dip down to 97.21 on day 9 dpo and back up in 98's again. I heard that 98 and higher are a good sign.take a look a Fertility Friend's chart gallery. It is free and you can compare charts with yours. I do know that if your temp goes higher than any other temps and stays there for 3 or more days, that is considered triphasic temps and can be an indicator of pregnancy. Good luck to you all!


to tn - November 16

temps going up like that is a good sign. good luck


to rachel - November 16

wow, your temps are really high. are you temping before you get out of bed in am? If you are, those temps look promising.


me - November 16

It is all relative to your basal temp. Mine was 97.2. I knew something was up when it stayed at 98.0 after I supposedly Oed. At 9 days past O, it dipped back down to 97.2, so I a__sumed AF was on its way, since it was due in 2 days. To my surprise it went back up the next day to 98.1 and then kept climbing to 98.3. I tested positive yesterday. Ideally, your temp stays elevated past your AF due date. If it goes back down, AF is just around the corner. Hope that helps!



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