Tender Breasts No Af Cramping Could It Be

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Chas - February 16

Hi all, well here i am again in the tww. I ovulated later than usual this cycle. CD15. I am now on CD27, no af. I tend to have 26 day cycles. I know since I o'd later it may add a few days on. I am now 12 dpo, I tested at 10 dpo BFN. I am praying af doesn't show. I don't feel crampy, just tender br___ts. Maybe a tad of nausea... I dunno... I have been waiting so long, I don't want to get my hopes up. Anyone else got a bfn at 10 dpo, to get a positive later ?? I used the clearblue easy 4 days sooner digital.Shouldn't that one be positive if I was?


crackersforme - February 16

From what I have read, the clearblue easy digital tests at 50...which is pretty high. The dollar store tests I believe test at 25. I could be wrong, though, just thought that's what I read. Everyone seems to be getting their positives with EPT.


Chas - February 16

Thank you. The box I got had two in it. Well, I used one last month and it ended up being a dud, no answer at all in the box! This was the other one in the same box. SHould I even trust this test? Also, does anyone know about the internet ones?? The midstream strips...how early can you test with them ?


Chas - February 17

13 dpo today. So far still no af.... going to test 2morrow if she doesn't show. What do you think my chances are ??? STill no af cramps or any symptoms really. Still somewhat tender b___sts.


LIN - February 17

I've got my fingers crossed for you, Chas! Are you trying anything different? Are you still trying the natural way? Best of luck to you! :o)


Chas - February 19

Hi Lin !! yes we are still trying the natural way, and af showed yesterday! bumor. But, good news, we do have an appt with an RE on 2/28. We are going to try IUI. I am praying for the best ! It has been almost a year since my miscarriage. I can't believe it's been that long. Time just gets a way from you. So, how are you doing ? still TTC ? What are you trying?



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