Test Results Faint Or True

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Brenda - February 4

I missed my period since 22 november but have irregular periods. Last night i have don the home pregnancy test and first it wasn't very clear but later you could see the test line very clearly it looked positive. After a while that line dissapeared. Today in the morning i have done another one and it came back negative. I don't know what to think anymore, please help me.


Brenda - February 4

i forgot to mention that I feel more pregn in the evenings than in mornings. Anybody experienced the same situation because I don't know what to think. why last night came two lines and again dissapeared???????????


Candy - February 4

How much later are we talking? I think it says on the box to disregard it after something like 10 min. An evaporation line could show up and look like a faint positive. Wait another week before taking another test or go see your dr. for a blood test. Good luck


Brenda - February 4

Those test that I tokk it said to wait from 5 to 20 minutes. So first it came the first line and all was about redish. You could see after 2-3 minuted like a shadow next to the control line but all the time it became more redish. After 10-15 min we were looking with my hysband and you could see clearly the Test line. And then I just left it there to compare with the next one. After an hour or so I noticed that second line dissapeared. I was so sad. Than in the morning it was only one strong Control line and very clear. My hope are going up and down these days. Is that you Candy that just got pregnant. You are so lucky, congratulations and god bless.


lilhan - February 4

Hiya! If u do a preg test an a faint dot or line c_ms up afta 4 or 5 mins, u r most probly pregnant!!! Do not read da test afta an hour cus u wil just see a evapouration line, which eventually c_ms up on most tests, do another test in a few days 2 double check. But in most cases, if there is pnk line no matter how pink U R MOST PROBOLY PREGNANT! K?


Brenda - February 4

I din another one as soon as I got up in the morning and it was very clear negative. So know my question is why it was a faint line in the evening. Just to make me feel sad???


lil han - February 4

hi brenda, sum tests require mornin urine, whilst most don't. This is because they like yr hCg levels to build up through the day, but r u sure that is wasn't a evapouration line? Was a there a definant PINK line? no matter how faded? after a few minutes? Do another test to triple check x x x x x x x x x


Brenda - February 4

The test that I took has two lines: 1. Control line, 2. Test Line. So the Control Line came immediately but the Test Line came after 10-15 min. Both of us me and my husbant sow both lines there but the test line ofcource it was a very faint one but it was in the place that should be. Maybe i didn't understand what the evapouration line is. Maybe this can help ypu lilhan and thanks for sharing this with me.


Lil han - February 4

hi brenda, im five weeks gone, and i did a test, i waited and after a few minutes i saw this vry vry faint line, but it was there! I did one at the family plannin clinic, and again they couldn't decide because it was so faint,but a week later, it was much more clearer!! My advice wud be,do a clear blue test, it say either "pregnant" or "not pregnant" Good luck hunny! But also i don't have any symptoms, many many women get them in their 6th or 7th week so don't worry about dat either!


Brenda - February 5

I wish I have your luck. I will take your advice and keep you posted. I wish you and your family the warmest wishes. You can calm peoples feeling!!! God bless.



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