Test Says Not Pregnant

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Jess - November 21

My times have been regular for the past year, even during stress. I am now 2 weeks late. I finally went and took a clear blue test and it says I am not pregnant. The thing is tho, i sleep constantly. I have felt like i have had the flu for the past 3 weeks. I just thought maybe it was me having a bug, but i went ahead and got a test. Should I wait another week, and take another if i do not start? Or has there been a lot of times when these test say your not when you really are ? Thanks Jess


vweissfl - November 21

I am in the same situation! Can stay up past 10pm. I have took the test and it say negative. i am confused just like you! I have the symptoms and i am 8 days late!


Sam - November 21

I am same wayn I am 8 days late today to. I think I might go for a blood test tommorow.


Arianna - November 21

Whenever I get a negative test I just accept it and move on. That was been good for me BUT there have been some girls who have got a bfp after a bfn. I would do a blood test.


Britney - November 21

i am on the pill for 5 years. i have never been late or missed a test before. i was suppose to start my period November 16 and did not start and i started this week like pinkish-brown color. i took a test last week neg


to Jess - November 21

It is very possible that you have some sort of bug. That could throw off your period as well. If you are two weeks late and the test says negative, I don't think you are pregnant. I got a BFP on a clearblue digital at 12dpo.


I know... - November 21

ask Lisa!


Becky - November 22

Britney, I think you should test again. I fyou took a test before implantation you would not have any HCG to test for. If you still have not gotten AF then I would test again. Good Luck. False positives can happen. Some ladies don't produce HCG like they are supposed to. Wait a few more days test again and then if still nothing I would do a blood test. Good Luck to you.


Jess - November 22

Thanks. All in all I have to go to the gyno about this. My whole family has problems with pregnancy. My cousin took a test and they said negative until she were almost 3 months. Along with my sister. SOmthing about The level not picking it up on the test. So I am hopeing thats not hereditary. Thanks for your advice.



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