Test Was Positive But I Don T Feel Anything

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Marie - May 19

I am 32 and had a + pregnancy test on May 15th. I can't get in to see the Dr until May 24th, as far as I can figure I would be about 5 weeks along but I don't feel pregnant at all. No morning sickness, no br___t tenderness, headaches, tiredness, etc... The only thing different is I am having severe cramps that last a few minutes but no bleeding. Has this happened to anyone else?


kim - May 19

Just wait, when I was pregnant it hit me around 7 weeks until then I would swear I wasn't pregnant. A positive test is not likely to be wrong. It is much more likely to have a false negative then a positive result.


Michelle - May 19

I just got off the phone with my cousin this story and I read yours. My b___sts are tender but overbearing.I was to ovulate on 5/1 felt ovulation on 4/30. Had intercourse 4/29,4/30 and 5/4. Note I felt the pain some women get when ovulating. AF was due on 5/14,Tuesday 5/17 I tested got a BFN. But I did test in the middle of the day after frequent urination. Still no haven't gotten AF. I have cramping but not like when af is coming. If I was ovualting had s_x what would cause conception not to occur? and where is AF!! I am goign to go to the doctor on 5/27 I was thinking can I be pregnant and not have major symptoms. I have been pregnant before and I remember SYMPTOMS! I just don't remember how soon.


kim - May 20

Many things can cause conception to not take place. The mobility of your partners sperm, you cervical mucus has to be the right enviroment for the sperm to live, chemical imbalances can cause your body to reject the sperm, a problem with your egg or fallopian tubes being closed or blocked, endometriosis can keep the egg from traveling to the fallopian tubes. The list goes on and on. Ovarian Cyst,PCOS, low sperm count ect.


Renae - May 20

Hi Marie, I am having cramps too, not severe, just guick sharp pulling sensations down low, center above/behind my pubic bone. WIll find out mon 5/23 if yes or no. I would be about 5.5 or 6 wks now I think. first day of LMP was 4/9.


Marie - May 20

I went in for a v____al ultrasound today and the Dr noticed a pocket of blood next to the sac. He says there is a 50% chance I will miscarry, has anyone else had this type of u/s and if so, what was the outcome?


m - May 20

michelle, i have the same ovulation pains every month. I can't remember the exact time limit.. but these pains can be felt 4 or 5 days before ovulation occurs. I wouldn't go on the pains alone to judge ovulation. And you can get a bfn 3 days after af is due even if you are pregnant, i would retest again.


Sara - May 25

I have the same problem Marie. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests and they where all positive.I dont feel pregnant but i've been cramping too. Does anyone know how far along till the baby is big enough to feel it in my stomach. I feel nothing.



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