Tested 2 Early

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MaybeBaby - January 1

My period is really late... I have a few symptoms that let me think that I am pregnant. I am peeing A LOT lol, lower back pain, sore nipples, cramps, headaches, moody and have a funny feeling in my lower tummy. I tested last night and it was negative, but I feel like I am pregnant. Could I have tested too soon or am I just being paranoid? Any1 going or went through this b4 getting a bfp?


Chas - January 1

How late is it ?


MaybeBaby - January 1

It is almost 2 weeks late... But then im thinking about last time I was pregnant, I didnt get a positive reading until I was almost 1 month along. Wonder if this is gonna be the case again.


spammy4145 - January 1

My last pregnancy I tested when I was 3 weeks pg and got a faint line. I had to take 3 to convince myself it was there. Could just be a hormone level not showing yet, or could just be stress in your life causing your period to be late


MaybeBaby - January 3

Ok, I tested again with 2 diff brands because i still have the symptoms and omg my bod feels weir...i got a faint + on 1 test and a - on the other test... so what should i believe? I dont get 2 see my doc till next week because he is on vacation. So i guess im gonna have 2 wait till i go 2 the doc.


Seredetia - January 4

Definitely treat that as a positive result. Congrats! Some tests are more sensitive, so a positive test means (most of the time) that you are. Treat your body like it's pregnant until you see the doctor!! Start taking vitamins if you aren't already, stop drinking/smoking/etc, and...well, wait. ;)


Emily - January 4

congrats. I agree treat it as a pos. some tests are more sensitive than others so the pos could eb more sensitive than the other you took. you should go and check out peeonastick.com they have the sensitivities of diff tests listed as well as pics of pos results form diff brands......and good luck and keep us updated.....



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