Tested Again And Its A

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socalmom - January 15

BFP!!! Looks darken than Friday and I'm pretty happy with it!! I will test again in a few days to ease my mind....I hope this is a STICKY one!!!! I put todays picture on my FF chart home/socalmom check it out! I can't believe we got our BFP on a cycle break!!! ~*~*~*~* Good luck to everyone, lets see some more Jan. BFP's!!!~*~*~*~*~


Megs - January 15

CONGRATS!!!!!! :-) Wishing you a happy and healthy nine months!


VenusdiMilo - January 15



kerilynh - January 15

how long are your cycles and when did you first test and get a BFP?


MammaJL - January 15



lissica - January 15

Congrats again socalmom!!!!! I knew it would be darker!! You got a pic of the 2nd hpt?


tonia - January 15

congratulations Socalmom! Happy Health 9 months!


jenn_ns - January 15

Congratulations..... and on a cycle break, too. Way to go, girl!!!! xx


Ella82 - January 15

YAY YAY YAY Solcalmom congratulations!! Lots and lots of STICKY Babydust to you ~*~*~*~


jessicaspatherapist - January 15

time to celebrate!!! did you tell your dh yet??


BrendaW - January 15

Very beautiful BFP's YAAAYYYY!!!!!


Michelle_in_PDX - January 15

Congrats socalmom! I hope you have a blissful and healthy 9 months! Your little girl is adorable! Do you have any symptoms? cm or cp? BBs sore? or no symptoms?


ursula - January 15

Very Cool!!! Congrats!


frozenfeet - January 15

socalmom - what was your temp at that made you want to test? You said that it was high....at what time of the day did you temp? My temps have been very high in the morning the last few mornings but I just took it tonight to see where it was at and it was 98.88...the highest yet!! Just wondering thanks!


socalmom - January 15

Thanks everyone! I did tell my DH on Sunday....he is very excited..and of course the usual guy thing...makes a motion with his hips and says wabam! I knew I got you pregnant!!! LOL As for symptoms...none really, some cramping on and off and my bbs hurt but that is about it, I maybe adding headaches I've had them yesterday and today but that might just be that I'm cutting way back on caffeine and sugar! We have decided not to tell family and friends till after the first Dr. appt! Thanks again everyone....I'll still be around to see who else gets their BFP!! ~*~*~*~*~*BABYDUST~*~**~*~


socalmom - January 15

Frozen I wanted to answer yours separate...I started temping at my usual time 6:00am on Wed 1/10 and it was 98.18 I thought that was very high because I was expecting af and my bbt pattern would always drop about 4 days before af , so I temped on thursday morning and it was 98.58 and Friday morning was 98.42 all very high for me that is what made me test! As you know I was temping during the day(even though i know it doesn't mean anything) I didn't write them down so I can't tell you exactly but they were always above 98.6 I think the highest one was 99.56. I took my temp last night before I went to bed and it was 98.88..wink..wink I hope so much that you get a BFP I will be around to see what your temp does! Good Luck!!


frozenfeet - January 15

Hi socalmom - thanks for the answer...this is my 2nd month temping and I've never had temps like this before...I'm nervous about testing like you were!



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