Tested Neg Once Nervous To Test Again Are These Symptoms

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parvelle - January 18

Hello. My last "normal" period was 11/16. I was on the pill, but missed two the first week due to illness. Then had intercourse 11/26. About a week later I felt queasy and flushed and that feeling came on and off. I was so tired that I would take naps and sleep in late. My br___ts were sore, got dizzy some and felt flu-like. Around the time of my period , I had light bleeding for 3 or 4 days, but not like my normal periods. The symptoms continued but were on and off. I got period like cramps and sometimes a brief pain in one of my sides. I tested a month after the slight bleeding when I was late and the test was neg. Blood test was neg too. My br___ts are still sore occaisonally, but I don't feel as nauseaus. My nipples are VERY sensitive, they get hard easier and I have white bumps around my nipples. I have noticed some veins in my nipples, but sometimes they are more noticeable than others. I was due again last week and instead of getting my period (I had all the symptoms) I noticed a creamy, white discharge. Being pregnant would be a wonderful, unexpected surprise, so I am nervous to test again and see a neg. Are these real symptoms or is this all in my head?


Michelle W - January 18

They sound like pregnancy symptoms to me - especially the white bumps around the nipples. I read on a pregnancy website that the white bumps (called Montgomery's tubercles) are a very good sign of pregnancy (especially in women who haven't been pregnant before). Best bet is to have a blood test because as I have read on this board the urine tests are sometimes not that accurate. Some women can take months to get a positive - even when they have been pregnant for that long. Go figure! Best of luck and let us know how you get on.


parvelle - January 18

Thanks Michelle! I feel a bit better now that I have someone else's opinion.


tiffani - January 18

Seems to me like pregnancy is a possibility based on your symptoms. I am a little confused as to the results of a blood test, since they are very accurate (but of course not 100%) You may have tested too early, so I would absolutely test again and see what the results are this time. Good luck to you.


parvelle - January 20

Tiffani, I had a blood test done while I was in the hospital. I had pain on my left side, which turned out to be an ovarian cyst. No one could figure out what the problem was, so I was on all kinds of pain killers and antibiotics. I don't know if that would have affected the blood test or not. I would have only been about two weeks when they did the test, but I thought that was soon enough for a blood test. I also read that some anti-nausea medication (I was on phenergen) can affect the results of blood tests. I am still hoping. The blood test was done dec. 7.


Jessi - January 20

Wow--you are in a very difficult situation. I don't have any truly useful advice, I just want to wish you luck--and I hope you find out a definite answer soon!


Leeanne H - January 20

I completely understand where you are coming from. i have been off the contraceptive injection for two months now. My husband and I would like nothing more than our first child together. Like you I am also experiencing many of the symptoms that you mentioned especially the sore b___st and little 'bumps' around the nipple. I have had one urine pregnancy test that has come back negative and am not sure if I could look at another negative result. All I can say even though I have an ansewer, I can completly understand the emotional rollar coaster that you are going through. Good Luck : )


parvelle - January 21

Thank you for your kind wishes Jessi and Leeanne. Eventually, I will have to get my nerve up and I will let you know. I have noticed veins in my legs in the last two days, and some look like vericose veins. Another sign, but like you, Leeanne, I can't bear to see another negative. Let me know how your symptoms turn out.



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