Testing On The 21st

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georgiad - February 13

I've patiently waiting, well trying to! I already bought a couple of tests and hoping for a Positive this time! Anyone else testing on the 21st?


tryin44 - February 13

I will be testing on the 21st also. I may try a few days before just to see. My husband and I have bd every day since AF left. I am hopeing she won't be visiting fow oh lets say nine months or so at least. GOOD LUCK!


georgiad - February 14

Tryin44, how long have you and your dh been trying?? I just don't think I'm patient enough to wait so long and I'm definitly sick of seeing AF every 28 days!! What do you think the chances are of an early positive (like the 19?) Good luck to you!


MammaJL - February 14

I will be testing on the 21st with u guys.. I took a test last night but it was bfn.. too early anyways, just because I was feeling weird yesterday.


melissap - February 14

I will be testing too on the 21st . Hopefully this is it. Might take a couple months off already just to try and straiten my body out so I am going to hope................Lets see tons of BFP's Baby Dust to all!!!


MammaJL - February 14

I'm hoping it happens this cycle too.. Kinda don't want a december baby.. I'll take what I get, but I'd rather not have a b-day so close to x-mas and my son's b-day is in january.


louisa88 - February 14

i am also due for af on the 21st. im 18 and my bf is 19. this is my third month off birth control pills. hoping this is my month. so far as of 2day i have had cramping on and off since a couple of days after ovulation and extremely sore nipples. has any1 else had any symptoms?


Juliebell - February 14

I will be testing close to the 21st. I hope this is finally it, I am so impatient and want to know now now now!! Any advice for not getting too anxious? Good luck to everyone!!


MexiRican - February 14

I will be testing on the 21st. We inseminated on the 8th of Feb at 9:30 am. I got my dark line, LH surge on Feb 7 at around 9m. I really hope it happens for us. Best wishes everyone.


[email protected] - February 14

Yes i Will be testing on the 21. AF came on the 21 of last mth. So I hope this is the mth as we tried last mth with bfn. So we tried lots this mth and i hope to have a bfp and hopes you all get bfp too!


MammaJL - February 14

Well, this is pretty cool, I have a whole bunch of people to test with!! Good Luck girls and Truck Loads of *Baby Dust* for everyone!


louisa88 - February 14

good luck everyone. sending lots of baby dust your way


georgiad - February 15

one day down and 7 long days to go until I can test! My aunt called me today (who I rarely talk to) and asked me if I was pregnant!!! She said shes had dream all last week that I was 7 months pregnant. Its crazy because nobody knows were trying! I hope its a sign! Let me know all of your results ladies!


fyn - February 15

Yes me! I o'd pretty early in my cycle day 9/10, lmp 28/01. This would be my 2nd preggie if successful. I've had mild backache and tummy pulling, a major increase in cv, and last night went to supermarket and could not stand to look at any of the fresh food, I could not buy any meat cooked or uncooked so I gave my family canned salmon for tea (..with salad). I then went to work night shift and spent half the night feeling so nauseous and ga__seous, with ppl constantly asking me if I was ok because I was so pale.. and needing to run to bathroom (which I think I managed to pull off discreetly). This finally eased away at about 3am and I decided to get brekkie on drive home which was fine till after eating my stomach nearly lept out of my mouth while driving on the freeway Feeling much better now. After nausea even though it's too early and test says not before due date, I couldn't stop myself doing a test, I got a BFN, but very early so can't wait. I have a gyne appt. at a maternity hospital the same day af due, so I'm really hoping for BFP before I go. We have been trying for 2nd for 15 mths now, and my cycles have been all over the place and abnormal, so please, please, please, please, please I haven't just got some virus that's making me feel so yuck!


georgiad - February 16

What day are you testing fyn?? I'm only 3 days past ovulation but I have weird cramps (small tingly ones) I hope its not something I'm trying to imagine! How old is your 1st child?


XxbebexX - February 17

hi im new here....and im also testing on the 21st.well i bought a couple test just to see too. i ovulated on the 3rd to the 8th according to my oc. and i had unprotected s_x through out those days.i been extra gasy lately, feeling very wet (sorry tmi) and having mild cramping for about a week and a half and headachs off and on. I been taking about 2 naps everyday since then because i been feeling so tired but i took a first response test yesterday in the middle of the day and it came out neg. so i dont know. my bbs have been extra sore which does happen a few days before AF but more sore then usual so im just confused...i do have a 28 day cycle and am ALWAYS on time. My last AF was on the 23 of january. so do you guys think i have a good chance of gettin a positive by next thursday?!? ~~~**baby dust to all**~~~


MammaJL - February 18

So, today is cd22 for me,my last cycle was 22 days but I don't know if I'm regular yet. Anywho, this morning I woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep. I layed there for a while and realized that I had a slight headache and decided to get up.. so I get up and go to the bathroom like I always do, come out to make some coffee but I didn't make it to the kitchen I got really nausious(sp) and got hot all of a sudden and started sweating. I was sure I was going to throw up, so I went and sat on the bathroom floor for like 5 mins and it went away. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with being prego or if it's because I've been sick with the flu and yesterday I didn't eat hardly anything ( a gla__s of carnation instant breakfast in the morning and 2 toast before I went to bed) I had no appat_te at all, took me like half an hour to choke down 2 toast. Is loss of appat_te a sign of pregnancy? or do you think it's just from being sick?



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