Testing On The 21st

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MammaJL - February 18

So, today is cd22 for me,my last cycle was 22 days but I don't know if I'm regular yet. Anywho, this morning I woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep. I layed there for a while and realized that I had a slight headache and decided to get up.. so I get up and go to the bathroom like I always do, come out to make some coffee but I didn't make it to the kitchen I got really nausious(sp) and got hot all of a sudden and started sweating. I was sure I was going to throw up, so I went and sat on the bathroom floor for like 5 mins and it went away. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with being prego or if it's because I've been sick with the flu and yesterday I didn't eat hardly anything ( a gla__s of carnation instant breakfast in the morning and 2 toast before I went to bed) I had no appat_te at all, took me like half an hour to choke down 2 toast. Is loss of appat_te a sign of pregnancy? or do you think it's just from being sick?


pcad - February 18

i too am waiting supposed to start on the 22nd .sore b___bs,cramping feeling nausiated, very sleepiy, cranky, feel like i ate a horse. i tested 1rst responce last night it was neg i hope it was just too early.baby dust to everyone and good luck lots of positives this week.


AmySmoak - February 18

I will be testing on the 20th or the 21st. Best of luck and Baby Dust to us all!


fyn - February 18

Thanks georgiad, I am testing on the 21st when AF is not allowed to be due, my daughter is 8 years old. I have been feeling rotten since my last post, not with nausea that has eased to queasiness and occa__s. very bad indigestion and aversion to cooking some foods, but my feet and ankles became mini melons for 3 days straight and it happened so quickly that my shoes cut my feet open pretty bad, my feet are now recovering. Also my temperature which had been very high dropped suddenly and I had chills on Sunday which was a 40 degree celsius day, this made me very worried that AF is coming, but today my temp is up again, I do however feel like AF is coming, I had AF cramps this morning and I have been to the toilet a few times today certain AF had started but just CM. I am definately waiting to test this time.


melissap - February 19

Well I tested again a day early b/c my temp dropped again-BFN. I have really bad cramps as I did yesterday so I guess af will be here today or in the am. Still not sure what to do. 19 or 20 day cycle is really short. I am not really impressed. I guess it's back to the doc for some advice on maybe how long it will take to straiten my body out. I guess I am getting frustrated as I got pregnant with my youngest on the pill. Well enough a vent. On to the next cycle. Good LUck girls Want to see tons of BFP!!!


georgiad - February 19

I hope everything works out with you melissap, hoping theres a little in your future (soon!) Fyn- I'm totally feeling the same way as you! Last night I had the cramps like my af was going to come..I don't start for another 7 days! I have slight diahrea (gross) which I never get! My b___bs aren't sore yet though, normally my b___bs get really really sore the week before my period. I hope its a good sign!


louisa88 - February 20

well i am currently 13dpo. not feeling at all like af is coming. usually get cramps bout 2 or 3 days before but nothing. my nipples however are not sore anymore, which makes me think af could be on its way. been feeling bit of nausea here and there. yesterday when i went to the supermarket, the smell of fresh fish nearly mad me puke up, still have really creamy discharge. so i hope i am. if i get the time today i may buy a test.


louisa88 - February 20

well i brought i test, and bfn. the funny thing is i have now started cramping like my period is coming. so i guess its not my month this month. good luck to every1 else


MammaJL - February 20

Sorry about the bfn Louisa.. But it's not over till it's over..so don't give up just yet. :)


louisa88 - February 20

i feel like it over, coz surely if i were preg now, it would show up. plus im having alot of bad cramping, so expect af will show up 2day or early tomorrow


MammaJL - February 20

Alot of women don't get their bfp's till later than that...but who knows? Anyways, Good Luck!


louisa88 - February 20

ok thankyou anyway


MammaJL - February 20

You're very welcome :).. I'm trying to hold out until the morning to test..it's killing me!


georgiad - February 21

BFP!!!!!!!! I"M SO EXCITED!!!!! Goodluck to the rest of you!!!!!!


louisa88 - February 21

hi georgiad, congratulations. wot were ur symptoms?


DownbutnotOUT - February 21

congrads, have a great 9 months :)



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