Testing On The 21st

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louisa88 - February 25

well tested again yestrday and faint positive and this morning a faint positive. so going to make a docs appointment on tuesday to get it confirmed. im so happy. really thought af was coming tho. been feeling so sick these last 3-4 days.


MammaJL - February 25

~*Congrats*~ & Good Luck Louisa!


louisa88 - February 25



pcad - February 25

well 4 days late and still getting bfns maybe still to early foe pos tests.my nipples are very sore and red,lil cramping yesterday with little brownish on my toilet paper.and i had a haeadache all day yesterday.i keep praying though. congrats to all the bfps though


sososleepy - February 25

Congrats on those bfp's! When you get one, let us know what dpo, would ya please? I'm sitting here 10dpo with my fingers crossed, temps holding steady, wondering, hoping.... I sucked that thermometer for an extra 5 minutes this am waiting for just a touch more temp lol... it's the SAME as yesterday, no clues there...


georgiad - February 27

Any of you ladies get bfp's??? I got my first bfp 9dpo, I tested 10 dpo and got a negative! But 12 dpo I got a BFP! Went to the doc today and he confirmed it! Yipee!!! How was everyones cycle?? Congrats Tryin44, have you got to the doc yet?? I'm due Oct. 31st!


tryin44 - February 27

I don't have a doctors app until March 21. I was a little bumbed but what can we do. Hopefully all is well. I'm due Nov 1


pcad - February 28

well i was supposed to start af on the 22nd of feb and still nothing,i spotted brownish sat once just on tp.today i had lil on tp of pink.i have taken several test all say neg. dr says wait two more weeks then call her back if i did not start.my b___st and nipples are so sore i have gained 6 lbs.pee all the time lately headaches.very moody and crying for no reason please help do you all think im pregnant.by the way i o'd on feb 8thish s_x on feb 7th



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