Testing On The 25th

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moosexing - February 19

I have SO many prego symptoms I better be prego! :) I'm going to test on the 25th...anyone else? Good luck to ALL!


Fall - February 19

I'm testing on the 25th but I'm not all together sure I have many preg. symptoms


mother2Bsoon - February 19

I am testing on the 25th too. The only symptoms I have that is very close to preggo symptoms are: Sore/Very sensitive nipples/b___st, I am a little moody, lower abdomen pain and lots of discharge (I know TMI). Many Baby Blessings to us all!!! I am still excited about the possibilities...


mother2Bsoon - February 19

oh yeah, I am experiencing fatigue...


Pipa - February 19

I'm testing the twenty-fifth as well. Not much in the way of symptoms other than constant cramping since ovulation (not normal for me) and almost constant light discharge??? Also extremely tired and having trouble with getting hot at night but I have a cold so some may be from that. Good luck moos_xing, Fall, and mother2Bsoon and all else out there!


moos_xing - February 19

I have sore breats, I've been getting heartburn pretty bad, I've been extreamly tired for the past few days, bad headaches, using the bathroom a lot, slight discharge, also cold like symptoms, stomach pains, cramping...I hope this will be good news. And good luck Pipa, Fall, & Mother2BSoon.


Pipa - February 20

Sounds good to be, JulieBell! I wish prego symptoms weren't so similar to AF symptoms though. I wish there was something really noticeable! Like all of the sudden my hair turned purple! Anything but this ambiguity! Course, I guess we'd all look a little funky after awhile with purple hair! I have to say I'm feeling a little down b/c I've tested twice already but I know they were too early and I was using the $Tree tests which are better once you're late but I really wanted to be surprised and start shouting to the world that I'm prego. The time will come maybe this month for all of us! Good luck everyone and tons of baby dust!


BrendaW - February 20

Pipa that's so funny! It would be nice though wouldnt it!!! Maybe something more subtle though cause then EVERY 1 else would know to ! I am testing tomorrow. Already tested Bfn a couple days ago~ I am a peeonastickaholic~! Not as bad as i used to be though I would take them all during the day night morning, whenever! Now just in the morning every 2-3 days! Mother 2 B~ I usually have tender b___sts, but this time they hurt and my nips are really sore for me which is unusual but has all happened before and no pg ~sigh~ Yeah purple hair would be much better than this!


Pipa - February 20

True, true it wouldn't be a bit TOO revealing I guess I got a little carried away!!! Just gave in to the temptation to do another test (Hi, my name is Pipa and I am a peeonastickaholic too!) still negative but still hoping. I think I'm only like 8 or 9 dpo so maybe there's still hope! Just heard news that a friend of mine is due October 4 which resulted in the desire to pray for positive and peeonastick!


BrendaW - February 20

8-9 dpo Definitely could be too early! Good Luck !!


Fall - February 20

I'm scared about testing tomorrow!!! I tested today and got a -... tomorro will be cd25 for me. Good Luck XO


SArah - February 21

I'm new here! Trying for my first! I'm due for my period on the 26th! I tested today and got a negative reading, I guess its too early to tell though. I'm so impatient! Since I'm new here I need some info on the "lingo" here. Like, af, bfn, bfp, dd, dh...all that crazy stuff! Thanks girls! Hope you all get positive results this week!


moos_xing - February 21

Well I tested yesterday - mid-day and got a neg. :( BUT! So far NO sign of AF and Sunday is the day AF is expected to come. I HOPE IT DOESN'T so much! My husband and I are trying for our first. Good luck ladies!


Pipa - February 21

This is our first month and will be our first child whenever it happens so it's all pretty exciting for me and a little nerve wracking! I'm thinking happy thoughts for all of you! ~*Sticky baby dust*~


Pipa - February 21

SArah, here are some of the abbreviations that I know. af is "aunt flow", bfp is a positive test, bfn is a negative. FMU is first morning urination. dpo is days past ovulation. bb is b___bs. TMI is too much information. ttc is trying to conceive. And that's all I really know so far.


shea - February 21

Hiya, There are a bunch of places on online to get a list of acronyms - google "tcc acronyms" as the site won't let me post a link here. Hey, is anyone in the early part of 2ww? I'm 5dpo, and w/o any pg symptoms so far. Course, other cycles I had them only to get a BFN! I hate the waiting!! Is anyone near me?


Juliebell - February 21

Hey all!! Well I am soooo impatient and tested today, midday and got a bfn. I am hoping that it is too early, af isn't due until the 25th, it is too early right? I am only 9dpo. My husband and I are ttc for our first, so I am hoping this is finally it! Happy waiting



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