Testing Question Something Strange That I Ve Never Had

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kari_4 - April 21

k I have 3 children so I've tested countless times...when tests are negative they're very negative no lines ever appear. So I take 3 Answer Early tests and with all of them, I'd see a line sooo faint that I couldn't even see it unless held over a bright light. I know what the lines look like before I test and was I saw was a very very only pin size tiny line. So I save it and the next day I look and there's the line but the same color as the other one because it had dried. When the color dries it gets darker but it's def. not a gray color...it's the same dark maroon color as the other line. So my question is this...has anyone else had this happen with Answer Early? Lines showing up wayyy later? I chart and my temps are still high and I'm 12 DPO today. I mean what are the odds of 3 of the same brand doing this? So confused. Today I was extremely tired, had to take a nap, and was nauseous with a terrible taste in my mouth i can't get rid of.


Hanna06 - April 22

I have never used those tests, but have had this happen with a different brand. My period came late that month so I guess that in my case I was pregnant but implantation didn't happen or something else was wrong. I think you could be pregnant, but as this is very early anything could still happen. Try and wait a couple of days and test again. If the line gets darker.. well, you know.


kari_4 - April 22

Today I feel af cramps like she's on her way, temps are still high so hopefully that's promising. I just have never seen lines show up so weird and I've used different brands and never had that happen. Hopefully it was just too early to test and so I'll prob. wait until Friday morning. I'll be 15 dpo then. So if she hasn't shown up I should get a clear result, no strange lines lol


kimberly - April 22

Good Luck! I have never had a test do that to me either. I have read a few post on here where it has happened to other women and usually they are pregnant. I know I have never seen any kind of line unless I was pregnant and I have taken alot of test. I have 3 kids too. It is probably just too early for a dark line to show.


Jessica_P - April 26

I had 7 negative pregnancy test [including one at the doctor's office] before I found out I was pregnant with my second son! I didn't out for sure that I was pregnant until I was almost 4 months along. The thing that made me keep taking test was the fact that the first one I took came out negative but the next morning in the trashcan it was positive....strange but I actually ended up being pregnant!


kari_4 - April 26

I had several negatives and a couple of days ago I got a faint positive within the 3 mintues, yesterday I got one also and this morning it was darker and digital said pregnant so I guess all those "false positives" weren't false I just didn't have enough hcg for it to show up within the time limit but it was definitely there. It's encouraging that it was darker this morning. I feel absolutely miserable. I have a stomach bug (that my hubby had last week) and dizziness is extreme. baby dust and lots of it to everyone on here!


Blondie3412 - April 27

Congrats on your positive!!!!!



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