Testing Tomorrow

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Heather - December 3

Tomorrow is CD 28 for me and approx 14 dpo. I am planning on testing in the morning and curious if anyone else was too? I am very anxious as I feel like I have some of the symptoms however this is my first month ttc so I am trying to not get my hopes up. I hope to share good news in the morning!


annmarie - December 3

Good luck Heather! I'm thinking about it because it will be 14 dpo for me too. However, I did break down and test yesterday which was a BFN.


Teddyfinch - December 3

Heather let us know and good luck!


Heather - December 3

Annmarie, I tested last Friday just because the anticipation was getting to me. It was a BFN but I was expecting that. My husband thinks I am nuts for wasting the money on HPTs. I didn't find out I was pg with my ds until I was 5 weeks but I wasn't ttc so... I will let you know in the morning!


annmarie - December 3

What kind of symptoms are you having Heather? My bb's are SOOOOOO incredibly painful right now. They have never been so tender and hurt without even touching them. I have creamy cm but nothing else really.


Heather - December 3

My bbs were hurting me last week but not so much anymore. I am peeing a lot more and even waking in the night which Ihaven't done since I was pg with my ds. I noticed today that my cm is little more creamy and it had been very minimal to dry. And I have been cramping and had a little heartburn a few days ago. I have been a little moody with my DH... I bit his head off for something little the otherday and his reaction was, "you're definitely pg" LOL


b__terfly kisses - December 3

gooood luck girls! :)


kelsajo - December 3

good luck!! dh and i are also ttc and i believe we missed this month, but then again i really wasn't up for the idea of ttc until the symptoms i had in nov. this month, will be my month!!! let us know how it turns out!!


mjvdec01 - December 3

Good luck to you! I hope to log on tomorrow morning and see your BFP! I am pregnant with #2, my daughter is 22 months old. How old is your son?


irregularfrustration - December 3

Hey there ladies. This is my husband's and my first month of ttc too. I tested on Sunday morning and got a BFN (cd 27; as for dpo not sure - had the ewcm two weeks ago for a few days, we babydanced every one of those days plus a few days prior as well). I have been nauseated and light headed off and on for over a weak; my bbs are somewhat sore (off and on shooting pains too) but definitely fuller; I have been really moody, very tired and get out of breath a lot easier of late. Oh, and I've started getting heartburn at night. My question is - can I have all of these symptoms, be pregnant but still get a BFN on day 27??? I am going to try testing again on Saturday (my mom's birthday - would love to give her a BFP as her present!) My cycles are so irregular that I have no idea if I am 'late' at this point... Good luck for all of you and lots of babydust!


Heather - December 4

Well.... I took a test and I got a very faint BFP! Today is only CD 28 so I am going to try to hold out until Thursday to test again. I know a faint positive is still a positive but I want that dark line! lol I really want to get a digital one that says pregnant but dh doesn't want me to spend more money on HPTs. Men... they just don't get it sometimes! :) Do you think I should retest tomorrow or wait until Thursday?


kelly607 - December 4

tomorrow should be fine Heather a big congratulations. Did you have any other symptoms that you can share with us :o) x


kelsajo - December 4

haha, dh got onto me when i asked him if we could pick up mor opk's at the store on sat. he said that if i had not used the other one's when i knew i didn't need to i'd still have some left! haha, he said, "you just like peeing on a stick huh?" i said uhh yeah!!! so that's when he told me he'd go outside and find me some sticks to pee on if that were the case. gggrrrrr hahaha!!! they just don't understand!!!


EASYSTEPS21 - December 4



Heather - December 4

Good luck Easysteps! How many dpo are you? My symptoms have been the normal cramping, peeing more, bbs were hurting but haven't been the past couple of days.


b__terfly kisses - December 4

Congrats Heather! wooohoooo! yay!!!


annmarie - December 4

Way to go Heather!!! That's so great! I chickened out and didn't test this am. I had a very small amount of pink spotting on the tp this am then again this afternoon so I know that usually indicates AF just around the corner. I took my temp this am which I haven't done in several days and I think it's a pre-AF temp. Basically, I'm just riding it out! Again, congrats Heather!



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