Testing Tomorrow Wish Me Luck I M Terrified

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izechsmama - January 14

hey ladies... i'm testing in the morning.. its my anniversary which some of you already know... i'm 5 days late for AF... and having a ton of pg symptoms... please wish me baby dust that we will get our BFP to celebrate on our anniversary!!!! i'm so scared!!


lissica - January 14

hi izechsmama! Best of luck to you tomorrow. I really hope you get the results you're looking for!What time will you be testing?


ursula - January 14

Hope you get your BFP!!! Baby Dust!


izechsmama - January 14

i'm testing at like 5:00 AM... thats when i have to get up... and thats mountain time... Thanks for the GL wishes.. i'm so darn scared...


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 14

HEY GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope you get a BFP


DANI - January 14

LOTS OF GOOD LUCK TO MY BUDDY AND MAMA, IZECHSMAMA!!! I know you will get your BFP tomorrow. I can't wait to hear the good news. I'm on the edge of my seat right now....I don't know if I can wait until tomorrow mornin'....hahaha.....ok, I'll try to get a good nights rest.


izechsmama - January 14

ladies i'm so restless right now, i thought about taking a sleep aid.. but i dont want it to toy with the results.. maybe i will research it and then consider takin it.. thanks for all the GL wishes... hubby is convinced... i hope God gives us this as a present tomorrow.. :)


DANI - January 15

izechsmama, you should just test right now. I'm waiting with ya! Haha....just joking, but if you would like, I'm giving you the green light?????...lol.


Ella82 - January 15

Good luck wishing you lots of ~*~Babydust~*~


jessicaspatherapist - January 15

good luck and happy anniversary!!!!


izechsmama - January 15

Dani, you are so funny... i'd be way too scared to test, i'm scared to test even tomorrow... hehe...


Harriet - January 15

Happy Anniversary, hope you get your BFP, Good Luck!


DownbutnotOUT - January 15

good luck *tons of sticky baby dust* and happy anniversary!


fara - January 15

good luck! dont b afraid to test..whatever wil b wil b..


sarbri79 - January 15

Good morning xx Well I tested (couldn't wait and it's still BFN - but then again i will try in a few days again!! Had a horrible weekend with being sick all the time, trouble is I can't eat so my tummy is sore from all the retching (TMI). I hope everything will be ok once it's all settled down. Think it's nerves as well xx I was thinking about you over the weekend and Frozenfeet as we are all the same boat. Sarah xxx


izechsmama - January 15

Sarbri, i know what you mean... nerves have kept me up most of the night, and i hate it... its 2:30 am here... and i've only gotten about 3 hours of sleep.. i plan to test in about 2 more hours just to make sure that i've held it long enough, cause i go to the bathroom alot during the night and day... my bladder is about full... i think i will just go get a shower now and start getting ready for the day... then when i'm done i can test and go back to bed.... ready for the day.. haha.... i know i shouldnt be scared.. but its terrifying.. if we arent, not only do i not know what is wrong with my body... but i'll be devastated.... theres a few things at stake here on my end... so.. anyways.. thank you for all the gl wishes.. i will be on in a few more hours to let you all know what has come of this... thanks!


sarbri79 - January 15

My heart goes out to you xxx Hope it's the news that you wish for. Got my fingers crossed for you. I'm on CD25 with 11dpo so I've probably got a few days to go before things possibly look positive. Catch you later xxxx Sarah xxxx



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