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crazy in MN - September 10

I am almost 3 weeks late for my AF. I have tender bbs, slight nausea, a lot of strange mild cramping and am really tired. I am 37 years old and have never missed a period, am very normal cycles 24-26 days. Have taken multiple hpts, negative, a blood test at 9 days late, negative. Any thoughts? Could I still be pg?


Sammie - September 9

Hi there. I'm not going to say whether you are pg or not, because I don't know, but here's what happened to me... Between the 23-28th of August, I was supposed to ovulate, so hubby and I made love every other day during that time. About a week later, I had very sore nipples, no nausea, somewhat tired, and "period" like cramps, as well as a white creamy odorless vg discharge. Well I wasn't due for me period for another 2 weeks, and I'm not normally crampy. Last wed. I went to see my obgyn, because I was suspicious. He did blood test, neg, urine test, neg, transv____al ultrasound--didn't see anything, however he told me that because of the shape of my uterus, and a possible fibroid growth, that it would probably be very difficult for me to conceive. Needless to say I was devastated. Well yesterday the day my period was due (and I'm never late either) I took 4 hpt's and they are all positive. Just because you have negatives, and a doc tells you you're not pg, if you feel like you are, and have symptoms like you are, treat your body as if you were. It could be that maybe no you're not pg, but it also could be that you tested too soon! I would wait a few more days and either go back to doc for another blood test, or try another hpt! Good luck to you!


Julie - September 9

Thanks Sammie. Yeah, I am wondering if I ovulated late, last time we had s_x was August 15th. If I ovulated late its only 3.5 weeks since conception. We only had s_x 2 times last month, and once was wayyy to early. I'm very sorry to hear about your situation, you must be very very very sad and disappointed. I wish you the best.......hopefully it will all work out somehow.


Julie - September 9

oops, sorry Sammie, i just read your response again and you are pg, I was reading the fibroid growth and the part about you being devastated! Sorry, guess I have the "spacey" symptom too!! CONGRATULATIONS!!


Viv - September 9

You're right. Four early signs! If you ovulated a week late the blood test would only have been at 2 days late, and might not have shown. Why don't you start your count from the second time you had s_x. Count 3 days (pick a number from 1 to 5) to ovulation, add 8 days to implantation and possible start of symptoms, and another 6 days to period due (total 14 after ovulation). Sometimes hpt do not show positive for several weeks. At your age hormone buildup might be slow. Why don't you wait for 2 weeks after that period due calculation and go back for another blood test. Come back and let us know the result on this thread. It comes back to the top every time somone adds to the post.


Julie - September 9

Wow Viv, thanks! You are so knowledgable, what you said makes a TON of sense. So, with the calculation you suggested my period would have been due Sept 1, that makes me just 7 days late. I will plan to go back to the Dr. after a couple weeks. I will let you know. Thanks again for the thoughts!


Sally - September 10

Yes, I think you could, especially if you ovulated late. But you could also have just not ovulated and skip this period. I had the same situation and wasn't preg. Good luck to you


Julie - September 15

Coming back to update people, VIV< I'd love your thoughts on this too. I started this question (going crazy in MN). I went to my ob/gyn on Monday, he says I'm not pg. Had another blood test, negative. Not sure how he's so certain but he believes that. I"m not totally convinced. He talked to mestarting natural progesterone (given to women that have had miscarriages to support early pregnancy, promised me he had given it to his sister!) so if I am pg, it will not hurt anything. Anyway, I need to take it for 7 days and then stop. Called a progesterone withdrawal test. Here's something I"m wondering. All of the symptom I have, some of them seem to be gone, still queasy and crampy. ...... If you dont' get a period and progesterone continues to build up I'm guessing those symptoms could feel a lot like pregnancy. I'm still not positive that I'm not pg, but Drs. explanation seemed to make sense. That's just my experience, don't want to burst anyone's hopes, but I kind of wish that I hadn't gotten so excited and CERTAIN that I was pg. Its a tough rollercoaster. There's a lot of people with the all the symptoms. thoughts Viv or anyone else??


Viv - September 15

I'm sorry to hear your news. I'm sure the doctor knows what he is talking about. If for some reason your system decided to start pumping out progesterone at the wrong time, it would certainly mimic pregnancy. Chalk that one up to experience. Rats!


Julie - September 15

Yeah, seems that way. He didn't say I was making extra progesterone, just for some reason, no period. Strange but that's ok. We weren't really trying, just not trying to prevent. But I KNOW how easy it is to GRAB onto that glimmer of hope............I'll come back to this site if I don't get period after withdrawal test, then odds of pg, go WAYYY back up........wowzer.


Jen - September 17

Hey Julie, I'm sort of in the same boat. I thought for sure I was pregnant last month. I had sore b___sts (went away a week before my period was due which made me have doubts of PG), cramps, backache, fatigue, and nausea. I have never felt the way I did that month. I was getting excited and looking all over the net for other people that had the same symptoms and I was working myself up into such a frenzy, counting the days till my period was due and hoping it wouldn't come. But my period did come a day early and I was still convinced that I was still PG and periods can happen blah blah blah. Anyway I went to the doctor that same day and had a pregnancy test and BFN. I know how you feel. That little possibility and then the dissapointment. I'm still in a bit of disbelief. The symptoms believe it or not were attributed to stress. STRESS! Some of the symptoms did subside after the BFN (like its in your head, or convince yourself that the symptoms are pregnancy and not just coincidental) Anyway, that's my story, best of luck to those who have had better results and a very happy pregnancy to all!


Kayla - September 17

id wait an get tested again..good luck 2 u



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