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ivy_recto - February 2

hey so happy coz you're there to answer those questions of mine...sorry if i bother you a lot...thanks so much for being so thoughtful and interested to my as i was saying that my expecting date for my mentration is january 17 and still i don't have my period and i tried hpt last january 29 but its can i try a hpt again? you think its gonna be positive? if im pregnant, do you think its not an ectopic pregnancy?...honestly? so afraid to have that kind of pregnancy...i want to be pregnant also but not that kind of ectopic pregnancy...thanks for being so kind to me...maybe you want to ask me why i dont want to visit my doctor because you husband always told me that its only psychological...he always told me that im thinking so many things thats why even my mentration period might affected...thats why i need someone to talk to...hope you can help me...thanks a lot...


Amber - February 2

Hi ...Im not sure if youre talking to me b/c you started a new link but Im happy to talk to you. Wait till Friday to try another HPT. Im not sure if it going to positive...have you ever missed a period before? If it was an ectopic pregnancy you would have sharp pains in you abdomen. You dont like doctors? I think you should go anyway, maybe find a female doc to talk to if that helps you. And yes stress and worry can cause a hormonal imbalance which would cause you to miss your period. But seriously think about going to a doctor or wait and see if you next period comes in Feb.


Grandpa Viv - February 2

You are 12 days late. With no changes in body function to talk about, and a negative test, the chance of pregnancy is not high. Check for signs of ovulation in the next couple of days (cervical mucus, cervical position, libido, ovulation pains, temperature rise) Wait and see what happens when your next period is due. One ovary may have gone on strike last month. Good luck!



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