That S It I Don T Believe In The Quot Lotiony Quot Cm Myth Anymore

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Lin - February 4

Seriously, this is bugging me. The one symptom that women report in early pregnancy that seems to be most consistent between different women is the "lotiony" cm. I used to think that this was the one symptom that would be obvious to me once I finally do get pregnant, since I normally don't have much cm after ovulation. I now am completely convinced that this cm is a myth. I have read *hundreds* of women on this forum reporting "lotiony" cm (amongst a variety of other symptoms) only for AF to arrive a week later. It's starting to seem pretty clear to me that this symptom is actually more common in women who are NOT pregnant. Anyone else notice this?


chandellina - February 5

i'm having it but am not overly hopeful that I'm pregnant. (AF due Feb 8.) I think the biggest tip-off for early pregnancy is swollen and tender b___bs, particularly on the sides. CM and CP seem unreliable, I agree...


Chas - February 5

YES, I do !! I know what you mean. I always get lotiony type cm right before Af, and obviously that means I'm not pregnant. I don't and wouldn't count on it as being a symptom of pregnancy for me, but that's just me. I know everyone's bodies are different. Chandelina....see your symptom of sore b___bs would probably not be a symptom for me either, considering I get that too right before af. Maybe if they didn't hurt, or they hurt on past af was due, that might be a clue for me. But then again as I say, everyone's bodies are different.


jeanette - February 5

LOL Lin! I get lotiony cm EVERY cycle before AF!! Along with sore and tingly b___bs,cramps a week before, twinges in my uterus and weird dreams. I will probably be one of those who gets NO symptoms at all when I get pg.


Grandpa Viv - February 5

There is no single sign or set of signs that confirms pregnancy. If there were, then the makers of hpt would be out of business. Looking for significant change in an individual's normal PMS pattern, symptoms and timing, would probably be the best indicator.


Lin - February 6

That's exactly why I was expecting the lotiony cm - I never get anything like it. All other symptoms are a bit ambiguous. I've never had cramps more than a day before AF, and last month I had them for a week and a half ahead of time. My b___bs are almost never sore before AF, and for the last few months they've been sore off and on for two weeks beforehand. The cm is the one symptom that could possibly give me a clear sign, since it's one I *never* see (of course, *if* I get any signs at all). Anyway, it's becoming clearer and clearer to me that my body is just all over the place. My temps were quite steady since I stopped the pill in October, and suddenly in the last couple weeks they're all over the place. I'm beginning to believe that erratic charts are what happens when your body is in "normal" non-bcp mode. My chart has slowly gone from steady and constant to nuts:



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