The 12 Of Feb

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Help - February 12

I'm pregnant and was going to get married today. The dad of my baby said he was back with his ex. This was a week ago. Everything was going good. I'm only 18 and I don't know If I'm going to be a good single mom? He wan't to be around the baby, but he calls me every other day and wants to see. I still love him and that's why I dont want to be around him.What is the best thing to do ?


joey - February 12

you would be a fine single mu i asure you. but with the relatinship, before you think whats right fr baby, you have to think whats right for you. you dont want to g back with this guy and have hi treat you badly, fter all, it would leave you very dperessed, not a goo way to bring up a child. so think about yourself, but still do keep baby in ind.


tiffani - February 12

Be the best mom you can be, that's all you can do. Accept the facts where your ex is concerned and focus on yourself, this pregnancy, and the baby to be. Although it may be really hard for you, for your babies sake, you should make sure his/her daddy is always in the picture. Best wishes.


janet - February 12

quit your whining. so what, everyone has people who leave them for thers. and so u landed yourself pregnant, att 18 you should be more careful you stupid cow. maybe next time you will have a bit more sense


james - February 12

janet that was un called for. leave her alone and knock off


Ivette - February 12

JANET your right I'm stuped for being pregnant at this age, but It happen and now I have to grow up for my kid. Yes people come and go all the time, but when the person that you know you love and you know he love's you it's hard to dill with. I have been left by more then one person in my life and I'm not talking about guy's. I dont know you but I would never want in other person in my life to leave. If I ask wath I should do it's because there is people out there who understand how hard it is to move on with a kid.


myka - February 12

darlin, janet isnt right, shes probably ot pms, and is taking it ut on everyone else. i hope she changes if she has a baby herself. otherwise her child (someonoe important in her life) will leve an dwalk out on her. she'd know how it felt then


Mimi - February 12

Janet , u sound very bitter. Remember, u once were very young too, and made stupid mistakes too ( maybe not the same but u surely did !) If u don't have anything nice to say or don't have an opinion, maybe u should leave it alone ! After all, i have nowhere read anybody calling u names or insulting u , so what makes u think u can go around this forum insulting ppl ? Huh ? Chill out, take it easy woman.....



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