The 28th Waiters

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kw - March 24

Hey so how are all the women doing that are waiting for the 28th (or close to that date) to role around? I tested this morning, knowing probably to early and a BFN... anyone else?


nj - March 24

im waiting for the 27th to role around but am too scared to test in case of negative also-- REALLY WANT THIS BABY! What are your symptoms if any


SJ - March 24

Hey I am waiting too!! I am too scared to test yet.. i want to be absolutely sure that the test is correct when i take it.


MRS.R - March 25

I am so impatient i took a test this am and BFN. So i guess af will be arriving on time. I used a sensitive 25ml. test so you would think it would of read correctly. I am soooo depressed. Baby dust to all who are waiting.


MRS.R - March 25

Forgot to put i am on the 28th.also


nj - March 25

still havent tested but getting af like cramps, hope its not af coming :( baby dust


Ang - March 25

af is suppose to come tomorrow, the 26th for me. Took a test yesterday and BFN. Now I'm just waiting for af...


kw - March 26

My syptoms are tiredness, dizzyness, lightheaded, nausea ( all during the middle of the day) my bbs have grown, but they aren't sore..... so I dont' know, maybe I'm just wanting it to be pg symptoms!!


chely - March 26

Hi! My period is due on the 29th. I have been trying not to think about it. Have done no test so far. I keep going to restroom alot and pray it's not there. Good Luck


kw - March 26

chely- you sound exactly like me!! I go to the bathroom all the time and everytime I pray like crazy there will be no blood!! I just want a baby so bad!! Were you TTC?


nj - March 26

havent tested yet, but notice b___bs feeling heavier and fuller but no soreness, pry just wishful thinking, also hate going to the bathroom hoping not too see blood :( good luck to you guys


kw - March 26

I think the hardest part about not being sure yet (either PG or not) is wondering if it's all in your head. I constantly questioning if I'm really feeling these things or if I am does it even mean I'm prego? Ahhhh the torture!!! Good Luck to all!!


bump - March 26



angie - March 27

I tested with ept this morning and go a faint positive. My husband is extatic, but I don't want to jump for joy until I take another test on Tues. Anyone else feel that way?


nj - March 27

well i tested today (27th) my period due date, and got a BFN. Praying that its wrong, but expecting af to come soon... so sad. Good luck to the rest of you


no patience! - March 27

Waiting waiting waiting. 29th for me. I've had lower abdominal pains, but that's about it... so I'm not expecting much this dust.


chely - March 28

kw, Yes I have been trying to concieve for a long long time. I have been thinking other months I was pregnant, but I am almost positive this time. My chest has grown and is tender, I pee alot, backaches, mild headaches just alot of the symptoms. The first thing I noticed was my nails and toenails were alot stronger. I did have blood last night after going to the restroom and thought it was all over, but the next 2 times and all day today no blood. I have pain in my right side which worries me and I also am on an anti depressant and don't know if I should keep taking it until I know for sure if I am going to be a MOM or what. Do you have any other kids? I have been married for 10 yrs in june and have a 16 year old stepson. This is my first pregnancy however. I am 34. I hope I am right this time. Good luck to you.



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