The Big O 2ww 2007 BFP S And Everything Else Part8

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Ella82 - January 19

Hi Hapi so glad your hcg results came back good i am so happy for you! As for feeling tired that early i was away on holidays at the time and taking the boys to theme parks etc so i was buggered regardless i did take alot of naps though, i also noticed by b___bs looked nice in my bikini hehe and my dh makes the nicest scambled eggs but i didnt like them anymore. LOL its 1pm saturday here and i already have had a 1hr nap! No I havent seen frozenfeet in a while i wonder where she has gone??


hapistuff - January 19

Ella82 - When did you start to get m/s? Or have you?


Ella82 - January 19

Hi Hapi no m/s for me yet i hear it can kick in at around 6weeks so we'll see what next week brings! i do get the occasional wave of nausea or there i times where something will make me gag but thats about it. Last pregnancy i was so worried about not having m/s i'll just see what happens this time.


frozenfeet - January 20

Hey ladies! So sorry to go MIA for the last few days, hockey road trip! I haven't been able to catch up on posts yet, I'll do that through out the day (I actually have a day off today...whoo hoo)! I'm feeling ok, exhausted!!!! Hope that the rest of you are doing well, either catching an eggie, bding left, right and center and all that fun stuff!! I'll be back later on after I catch up some!! ~sarah


BeckyBunny - January 20

Well, I still have no obvious ovulation pattern. and still copious amounts of creamy CM. Reminds me of my last does the fact that my nipples are darker...And I'm still having cramps off and on...Can't cysts cause some pregnancy symptoms? The longest cycle I have *EVER* had was 36 days, so if I still am not showing a clear ovulation pattern by CD26 I will print off my charts and go back to the doctor and request a pregnancy test and an u/s to see if there is either cysts or an embryo.


L1NDZ - January 20

Hey Ladies...I put a couple of 4D u/s pictures up on FF. On one of them, we can't really tell if it's a boy or if it's just a piece of the cord floating around? We don't really want to find out, but if something "sticks" out, then oh well!!! home/L1NDZ.


BeckyBunny - January 20

I had a series of weird dreams today. In one of them, my MOM had another baby! (it was a boy). She told me when she was 10 weeks along. I was completely jealous and resentful when the baby was born. Then in another dream, I was standing on a bus and there was a guy sitting next to me and some woman asked him out, and I told him he would find out when she was 10 weeks along. wtf?! what's with the 10 weeks thing??



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