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Shadow - December 21

Well, I had been having signs of pregnancy for about 3 and a half weeks (light-headed/dizyness, eating more, peeing more, heartburn, a heavy spotting "period" and the ever famous mucus...STILL GOT IT! ) I had a blood test on friday and it came back negative and I am still feeling the same....I don't know what to do and I need some advice! Can the blood test be wrong?


Christine - December 21

It could be...but unless you have another missed period you probably wont be offered another one...Looks like your probably going to be playing the waiting game longer than you should have to...try not to stress, and do things as you would if the test came out positive..eating healthy and so...and let the doc know that your trying so you can start some prenatals...good luck...and if symptoms continue...try a hpt in a couple weeks...if they wont give you another blood test


Grandpa Viv - December 21

hCG rises from under 5 to many thousands in the first few months. A qualitative blood test has about the same sensitivity as a urine test, but the possiblity error is less. A quant_tative blood test is more accurate and also more expensive. You could take a couple more home tests if you wish, at one week intervals. When you miss a second period (first week of Jan?) it will be time to visit the clinic again.


Shadow - December 22

My next period is due the first week on January or last week of december. Now my b___sts have been getting sore and tender the past few days, I've been getting more heartburn in the morning, and the sickness has lessened. I think either the blood test was wrong, or there is something else wrong with me....can anyone think of something else that could be wrong with me...?


kel - December 23

Hi Shadow - I just had a blood test yesterday - big fat neg. I wish someone had some insite on exactly when the blood test can be many days past ovulation does it show a positive?? Anyone???????


Shadow - December 23

I had the blood test 5 days after my light as heck period. Grandpa Viv says that the blood test is about as sensitive as a urine test so maybe you should wait a week after your missed period...


Grandpa Viv - December 23 (take out any hyphens that creep into that URL) gives you an idea of the enormous variation in hCG rise from one pregnancy to another. If you are having pregnancy symptoms after missing a second period and the hCG is still low, the situation needs to be checked out. By the time the second period has pa__sed there are other means of seeing if a pregnancy is established.


Shadow - December 27

My period is suppost to start tomorrow. This waiting game is horrible and I can't wait for it to be over. When is the best time to do a HPT....I hear a week after the missed period is the best time, right?


Jay - December 28

I have had 2 negative blood tests in the past 3 weeks- and countless home pregnancy tests - guess what t hough???? I just found out today that I am pregnant!


Shadow - December 28

Wow, Jay. That's great! I'm kinda hoping that I am not pregnant because I am not prepared yet as I am only 18. I'm in college (well, home on holiday break) and wanted to have a baby after college. I'm still having signs and my period is not yet here. So, welcome to month 2 of "THE WAITING GAME!"


Shadow - December 31

I missed my period......what can this mean?! Does anyone this the test was wrong?


jay - January 1

shadow - the stress alone could be making you late.......I would wait a few more days then ask your doc to order you a quantative blood test - and stress quantative.


Shadow - January 2

Oh, trust me. I am not stressed. I'm actually on a little vacation in VA (my favorite place). I just want answers. I asked my doctor for a quant_tative blood test and she would only do it AFTER the qualitative blood test came back positive. So, I'm not sure how to get an ultra sound from her because I think I may be 3 months by the way my period had been. It went from 7 heavy days, to 5 pretty heavy days, to 3 light as hell (didn't fill up a pantyliner) days and now it hasn't come and I was suppost to get it at lastest thursday of last week (I usually get it on tuesday, but I have gotten it on wednsday or thursday a few times). I'm just at a loss to think of options is all....someone please give more advice. Thanks, Jay, for the advice. I appreciate it.


bump - January 2

bump! I need some advice, please!


Bump - January 3



Grandpa Viv - January 3

Shadow, go take one more home test. If it is still negative you need to give the doc a list of the signs of pregnancy that you have been having, tell her about the most recent missed period, and ask what she thinks is going wrong with your system. Your signs are quite convincing, but once in a while we see that and the doc ends up prescribing something to bring menstruation and your glands back in order. Good luck!


Shadow - January 3

Thanks.....I'm not sure weather I wanna be or not....I'm only in university...



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