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Oli - April 2

Hi. Can someone please distinguish the difference between the preggers belly bulge and the normal bloat bulge. Thanks.


shaz - April 2

id like to know too! especially cuz im big


TTC ** - April 2

I think preggers bulge is harder than bloated bulge. Firmer I think, normally isn't really noticable until about 12-16 weeks from what I've seen in friends. (some even later than that!)


Lisa - April 2

I have hernia bumps that run above my belly b___ton, and underneath it. Now i have a new lump that extends down below my belly b___ton. I believe this is my uturus because that's where i felt cramps. I took the Plan B (morning after pill) that made that bulge, because it makes it harden so an egg won't stick on., so I am pretty sure that's the place, but i can't feel it until I lay down awhile and the bloating goes down, then sometimes it sinks back further into my back. But it's always there. But tests are neg and I have my periods. Very strange.


Oli - April 3

Hey guys. I seen this on a post once and just found it again. shows pics of stomachs during diff. months. Check it out, namely the 4 - 6 week stomachs, the ones where the "bulge" is very slight, beginning to petrude from right underneath the belly b___ton on and angle...thats how I bout u guys? Anxious...


Debbie - April 3

the first pic , the lady with dark top in the 6 weeks gallery is exactly how my stomach looks.. and yet tests are neg, came off depo 5 months ago ...


Jo - April 3

Hey, I was just wondering the same thing. I don't usually have a bulge however the past week or so I have. But if I'm pregnant I'd only be about 4 weeks.... any thoughts?


louise - April 3

i think your abdomen changes shape in order to grow for the new baby. it doesnt so much produce a bulge normally before the 12th week because the baby is still behind the pelvic bone until this point. however some women do start to show early. most women i have seen in early pregnancy have a different look to their abdomen. sorry im not much use



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