The Earliest Of Early Signs

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Dionne - February 4

I have been trying to conceive for 6 months now (we are in our early 30's). for the past couple of days I am bloated, gassy and have noticeable cramps on and off throughout the day. I am not due my period for another week or so. My bloating is so uncomfortable I feel like my belly is just all over the place. I had to unbutton my jeans today to sit. (I'm thin, so this is VERY unusual for me). Is it possible I'm pregnant? Are these early signs?


--- - February 4

yes, early signs- good luck


jessica - February 5

I had the same signs too...felt really full all day long, like I just got through eating christmas dinner or something!! It was also a few weeks before my period was due when I started feeling these things. But I'm still kinda waiting for next month's period to come. I had mine for the month of Jan. but it was not a normal period for me, I test & it comes back neg, so I just said "If I am, I am......If I ain't, I ain't"!!!!! I would keep testing but I think most of the time its a waist of $$money$$ to keep buying preg test! I know a few ppl that didn't test pos untill they was a few months along, so....there is still hope huh?!?! Are you having anymore symptoms? Or gut feelings (those are usualy right) keep us posted....btw, u have to keep checking back under this topic b/c the feedback e-mail notice is messed up. ~Good Luck~


B'Lana - February 5

Dionne, I had the same thing... now i am 9 days late and still testing negative... it's driving me nuts! What did you test with? best of luck to you and your husband!


beth - February 5

Dionne, I just found out I am pg and my first sign was itching all over my body and then I felt bloated. So this could be a sign. Also cramping is a common sign of implantation. I even tested a week early and got a bfp. You may too!! Good Luck!!


Stephanie Marie - February 5

I am 21 days late today and I took a home test 2 weeks ago it said negative and I went to the doctors and they only urine tested me and it was negative and I am itching all over my body too and we have been trying so it would be a great thing plus i got sick one morning so i just wanna know but the docotor said maybe it is too soon to tell that i have to wait 2 more weeks then take another one =/


Dionne - February 7

I'm so happy with the replies! Still no period, but I don't feel the cramping and bloating I did a couple of days ago. I swear I make things up in my head just so desperate to be pregnant. I should also mention that I have abnormal uterine bleeding. I've had EVERY test in the book done and the 2 dr's I've seen about it say it's a hormone imbalance and there's nothing they can do about it (except put me on hormone pills, but you can't be on them if you're ttc). They also say that I should be able to get pregnant, but the "environment" for the egg isn't ideal. I think I make this harder on myself because I worry too much!!!!! So as of right now I really don't have any symptoms and I'm spotting... but spotting is NOTHING new for me...unfortunately. Anyone else with abnormal uterine bleeding able to get pregnant? I should post another question for that alone, huh? I'm going to do it right now! Good luck to all of you - I know what it is like to want to have a baby!



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