The End Of The Month And No Period

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shannon - September 27

What do i do? Its the end of the month and I am having most if not all the symptoms of pregnancy. I am 21 hundred miles away and wont be home for another month doctor!


Viv - September 27

Hey, there's a couple of dozen women on the forum right now who would give almost anything to be in your shoes. Unless you're in the Canadian arctic, I can't imagine that you won't find some pre-natal vitamins some place, and they include folic acid. In the US the FDA requires folic be in whole wheat grains, cereal and other products. Leafy greens also contain same. Congratulations BTW!


shannon - September 28

i 've just checked my selfe and starting yesturday ive been peeing alot! I checked my selfe and today or a min ago i wiped and had bareley a spot if brown,not red,brown. What now?


Shannon - September 28

Ok...please someone...I woke up this mornin and im bleeding a little and its a dark red not bright red. Im not heavy like i usually am ,just very a spotting heavy kinda...I feel bad cramping,I always have cramps bad! What do i do? I still feel the same symptoms!


Viv - September 28

No biggie! ... ... one in four experiences some spotting in early pregnancy. You sound a little panicky. If you want to email me, I'm at [email protected]


eyebeeablessing2u - September 28

From what I have researched, it could just be implantation bleeding, if its not accomodated by severe cramps it shoud be nothing to worry about. Congrats


Shannon - September 28

Thanks for responding to me! ..... I decided to take a little nap earlier because my lower stomach was realy hurting and i started to bleed a little more,I woke up and iwas hurting more with more blood. I had to put in a tampon cause i didnt have pads, and i took some midol to ease some pain. But the blood is still dark red not bright! im so scared and mabe thinking im not cause ive been trying for like 10 months and still notta thing! I just dont know what to do ne more. I had a misscarage in jan and feb of this year and bleed both of them out...i was in the hospital for both times and a couple more times from horrible horrible pain. I dont feel complete and i belive i would if i where to have a baby .



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