The Final Days Of Waiting

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Steff - April 17

Hi All! I am CD 27 (not sure what that equals to for me for DPO... I have inconsistant cycles). Anyhoot... Waiting for AF not to arrive tomorrow. Anyone else in that situation? I have not tested as of yet. Last chance for a 2006 baby! Sending tons of baby dust around the world!!!


princess_20 - April 17

Hello Steff i am also waiting for AF not to arrive tomorrow. I dont think it will because i have not had any cramps at all and that is really weird because i always get cramps about a week before AF comes. i have not tested yet either, im waiting until im actually late. good luck to you and lots of baby dust:)


San_dee - April 17

good luck to both of you!!!!!! lots of sticky baby dust!!


Steff - April 17

Hi Princess! I hoope AF does not arrive for you. I am still unsure if AF is going to arrive. I have had b___b soreness for about a week. Some cramps, and about 5 minutes ago heartburn kicked in. These could all be AF symptoms, who knows. Time will tell!!! Keep me posted! I have my fingers crossed for you!!! Hi SAN_DEE!!! How is your pregnancy going? Looks like I wasn't pregnant the last time! You and I were only days apart! I hope everything is going well for you! You don't need any more baby dust just the stickiness :) Happy Pregnancy!


San_dee - April 17

thanx Steff!! i feel like c___p all the time... bring on second trimerstor, im 8w3d now, i really hope it all works out for you this month :)


princess_20 - April 17

Hi Steff and San_dee i hope my AF dont show up tomorrow:) Good Luck with your pregnancy San_dee and Steff keep your fingers crossed that those are not AF signs!!! I havent had any cramping and that is weird for me being that my AF is supposed to be here tomorrow....the only thing i have is the sore b___bs (well actually its my nipples i know TMI) i can really tell that when i put on my bra!!! but anyways....good luck ladies and lots of baby dust Steff!!! ill keep you posted ill probably test either tomorrow or wednesday if AF dont show up tomorrow


Steff - April 18

Princess: Talking about sore nips is not TMI ha ha ha. You should read some other posts about snot-like CM. Ha ha. However, nothing is TMI when it comes to these sites :). No sign of my AF either. I have had 2 cycles since stopping BCP. The first was 21 days and the second was 34. I am just hoping for an "avarage" 28 day cycle. Ha ha.. yeah right. BCP can muck you up big time. That's why I am just going to wait it out a little longer. If there is no AF in, say, 4 more days, I'll test again. Have you tested yet? Any new and exciting baby news? Good luck and keep us all posted!! :)


princess_20 - April 18

Hey Steff i have the 30 day cycle and was supposed to get AF today ( as you already know from other posts:) but she didnt show up today!! i tested though and one line showed up dark and it might have just been my eyes playing tricks on me but it looked like there was a very faint second line. so i think im just going to skip testing tomorrow (if i can) and test on the 20th (my fiances b-day) i want to give him a b-day to remember!!! i hate all this wondering am i or am i not? lol we hit the ovulation date right on, so hopefully it stuck:) ill keep you posted and you let me know how it turns out when you test! good luck and lots of sticky baby dust!!!!!


San_dee - April 18

OOOOOHH im so excited for you both, i hope you both get your +++++++ soon!!!!


princess_20 - April 19

Hey Steff and good news yet? nothing has changed for me, today is the day im offically going to test tomorrow morning if AF still hasnt showed up....


Steff - April 19

Nope, no changes yet for me. I even wore white pants today. I am tempting her... ha ha ha. BRING IT ON!!! ha ha. Oh, I hope she doesn't come! :) Let me know your results!


San_dee - April 20

Have you guys tested yet?????


Steff - April 20

Wow San_dee you are up early... :) I haven't tested again yet. I am going to wait until Monday. That will be 34 days. I have my fingers crossed for Princess :)


fara - April 20

hey princess_20 have u tested?


Steff - April 20

I tested. BFN. It's day 30. last month my cycle was 34 days. So i will test again on monday if aF doesn't show


princess_20 - April 20

Hello ladies yes i did test again but this test showed up just like the first one... one dark line and one faint line. so i think im just going to take those as being negative results and i will test yet again on sunday or monday (5-6 days late) But i have a question for yall... i keep going to the bathroom thinking that i started because its stayiong really wet down there...would that be considered a good thing when your ttc or not? and also i still have no symptoms of AF coming like really bad cramps, backache, ect... i wish she would either show up or give my a ++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!


princess_20 - April 20

Im on CD 32 my last cycle was 28 days (it came early i have a 30 day cycle) i just dont understand it, i havent been under alot of stress, i havent been exercising any more or less than usual, i cant think of anything except being pregnant that would make me late...i hate this waiting!!!! sorry i needed to vent a little:)



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