The Old Witch Can Kiss My A I M Tired Of Wating For Her

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Kimberly - May 2

Well ladies, I guess I am giving it up for this month the ugly old witch is having her fun torturing me, I guess. She must be lurking waiting to ruin what is already the worst time of the year for me. She is exactly 2 weeks late today. I have taken 3 hpts all BFN. The last one was yesterday. Tomorrow would have been my daughters 8th birthday. She died in my arms 45 min after she was born. I HATE May 2nd!!!! I HATE IT I HATE IT. Maybe that is why the old witch is is friggen late. She enjoys putting me in more misery. I hate her and I wish we could figure out a way to make her pay for all the stress she puts us through when all we want is a baby! Sorry to sound so negative but, I am having rough night. Just an hour ago I decided we will drive the 150 miles to where my daughter is buried to celebrate her birthday.....sometimes life just sux!!! No one should be "celebrating" their babys birthday in a cemetery. Sorry again!


Maria - May 2

Kimberly, I hardly know what to say, your post make me cry. I'm so sorry for your loss and what you are going through. I wish I could give you a big hug. Please don't let the ugly old witch get the best of you. Easier said than done, I know. She tourtures me too. Stay strong girl, it and I hope you get your BFP very soon. lol!!!!!


Kimberly - May 2

Thanks Maria, I've done nothing but sit around her an cry and feel sorry for myself all day. I am so selfish!! I have 2 living children and as of Jan 15 I have 2 step children who live with us. Their poor excuse for a mother doesn't even want them....some mother huh. I know how lucky I am. If I never have another baby, I have already had more happiness than some people ever get. Most days that way of thinking gets me through the day. Unfortunately....not today. My baby died of anenceplay. I am all about women of childbearing age take their folic acid. Hope everyone here is taking theirs!!! Thanks again. Sometimes ya just need to vent!


Maria - May 2

No, I don't think you are selfish at all. You are obviously a very loving person and have every right to morn your child. But yes, you are very lucky to have so much love in your life. Hold on to that and enjoy them. I think they'll be the key to making it through times like these. I truly hope you get another baby in your life. Thanks for the folic acid advice, I have never heard of that, I'll be sure to take mine. Thanks and lots of luck to you.


Jessy - May 3

You are soo right I wish more women would stop living using condoms and birth control and never thinking they'll EVER get pregnant...everyone wonders..."why are you taking prenatals? Are you PLANNING to get pregnant?" I say, "No, I take them JUST IN CASE" but of course I didn't start this until I got married almost 5 years ago...sure enough, I was pregnant 2 weeks after I got married...I don't know what I'd do if I lost a child...or even miscarried(same thing)...I've been to a newborn's funeral for a close friend's family of mine...she already had 8 children but this way you could hear MANY people crying...a little girl w/5 weeping sisters...I couldn't hold back the tears...she took care of herself but I think it was because she already past the 40 point by this time..I was 10 at the time and her daughters were my best can be sooo tough..but hopefully w/your help more people will know how they can at least TRY to prevent some of these can make a difference thru your experiences...God be with you as you get thru your little ones' birthday


Alison - May 3

Kimberly I am so sorry for your daughter and the pain the anniversary of her birth/death brings to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I really hope you will have a healthy baby in your arms soon and that the awful af will stop causing all this torture. xxx


Audrey - May 3

Kimberley, I know how you feel, my son died when he was 4 days old- he was premature. I miss him so much.I have a 3 year old daughter now and he would have been her older brother. Just like you I have the days when I think everything is comong in on top of me and miss him so much. I just need to keep reminding myself that i have a beautiful daughter that needs me and that keeps me going.I dont think anyone thinks you are selfish at all. I wish you all the best I hope you feel better tommorow, I know the day itself is always so hard. Take care.



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