The Pregnancy Feeling

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Miss Jkay - May 31

Hello Ladies. Last month I had a strange feeling that I was pregnant, So I looked it up on the net, and had found that all the problems I was having were similar to pregnancy symptoms. When my A.F was due I had pink spots but only on the T.P for a few days, I then got my period a few days later but was a lot shorter than normal. I have done HPTs but they have all been negative. Over the last week and a half I have been getting more symptoms. My first to latest symptoms are…. * cramping and pains when asleep at night. * sore br___ts * feeling sleepy and unmotivated but having trouble falling to sleep * urinating a LOT * eating a LOT * dizzy spells * Hot flashes feeling like I’m going to be sick *crying for no reason at all * nightmares ??? is this a pregnancy sign? * weight gain * embarrassing gas * increased saliva * veins on my br___t and chest that I have not noticed before* and I just have a feeling that is telling me that I am pregnant… How long should I wait till I see a doctor? Are there any Ladies going through the same thing? I would love to hear from you. I have gotten used to the idea of being pregnant, so now im thinking maybe its all just wishfull thinking??? **** BABY WISHES TO ALL****


Tiffany - May 31

If you think you already missed your period, I would make a doctors appointment for asap.


Kris - June 1

I've had a lot of the same symptoms as you. Hot flashes, feeling naseaus, tired, clothes are snug, etc.... My normal period last for 5-6 days, but this time it lasted for two days w/ normal bleeding, but bad cramps. We've been trying for ten years with no success. Good luck to you:)


Miss JKay - June 1

Hi Kris. Have you used any hpt's? I became a bit addicted to hpts and took 5 tests last month... It might have been too earlu... Do you have a gp? 10 years is a long time... I hope your baby wishes come true this month!! ... I only have this month left to fall pregnant if i havnt not allready (i wont be seeing my partner again for 8 to 20 months) so Im really trying for one before i go back home. :( and hopefully next time i see him will have a little bundle of joy for him. :) Good Luck and best wishes to you Kris!



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