The Wait Begins Anyone Wanna Join NO AF Nov 15th

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Jasmine - October 30

Just thought i would start a new thread. I am new this is my first mth TTC, I ovulated today and my husband and I bd'd lots during my supposed fertile days. So now we wait. Not sure what to look for but would love to share symptoms and stories with whomever wants to join!!!


Shara - October 30

Not sure how to join the wait but I will. My husband and I are trying to conceive. It's been 2 or 3 months. Can't figure out when I'm ovulating. I've taken ovulation test for 2 months and nothing. Check CM and don't see any difference. We have had intercourse every other day to increase our odds. This would be our first child. I'm 34. Please keep me updated.


Samona - October 30

Hey ladies, I'll wait with you all. It's been a long seven months since I've been ttc. Fertility friend says I should ovulate between today and the 19th. Ijust joined today and had a +opk and some ferning on the saliva microscope. Maybe this will be my month.


Amy - October 31

Hey girls. I'll definitely wait with you. I've been ttc for about 4 months so I'm hoping this will be the month for a BFP! My husband and I bd'd yesterday and I bled a little. Could this be ovulation blood? Kind of confused about that.


Amanda - October 31

Hi ladies! I am 8-9dpo today. I really dont have any signs yet but some women never do until later on. I am a little tired but that is about it. I am due for af on Sun/Mon. Amy, I have had that happen. That is probably what it is.


Anna - October 31

Hi girls! Can I wait with you? I'm not sure if I ovulated - I think I should have by yesterday. AF is due Nov. 12th but mine are very irregular so I don't know. We've been ttc for about 2 months. I really hope this is the month but I feel like it isn't. I'm still hopeful though!


kristina - October 31

hello ! can i join ? hi anna - think you were on the last thread we were chatting on. guess that one sort of died off. anyway, i was thinking i wouldn't ovulate for another week since being off the pill (3rd month off) i have ovulated on the 3rd week. but today (CD 11), i saw very obvious ewcm. first i thought it could just be remnants of bd'ing, but almost sure it was ewcm. last month after spotting ewcm, i ovulated exactly 5 days later. so if this is the case, i'll expect af the 19th. this is our first month ttc and we bd'd last night just for fun, but after seeing ewcm, we will bd every day till ovulation. hope to get a + opk around end of week to confirm the ewcm. baby dust to us all !


Laura - October 31

Hi Ladies. Now we play the waiting game. AF due to arrive 11/14. Lets hope for a no-show. I would think alot of us have had a busy/fun week bding alot. I am sure that I ovulated saturday.


Allie - October 31

Hey Ladies! Can I wait with you. I am due or no AF on Nov. 12th. I ovulated today (per my CBE monitor). Anna, were you on another thread? I think I spoke with you last week. Anyway, good luck to all!! Let's pray that this is our month!!!


Anna - October 31

Hi Kristina! It's me again. I don't know if I have ovulated - I haven't seen much change in cm (just slightly more). Maybe I'll ovulate late this month since this will only be my third time to get AF. We're bd-ing at leat every other day just to make sure. I keep praying that this will be the month. Keep me posted on how you are doing.


Naysa - October 31

Hi Ladies.This is our 2nd mo. ttc and I'd love to wait w/ u guys.I think I should be Oing around 4-6.I'm hoping we all get BFP this mo.


kristina - October 31

anna - i was ovulating on the 3rd week (may still be, not sure just yet), so it's definitely possible for you. i had no signs at all and then out of nowhere the ewcm appeared. ok, this may seem like waaaay tmi, but i did read that sometimes you can't tell the cm quality, but it's obvious when you go to the bathroom (#2). and this holds true for me. that's the only time i really seem ewcm. sorry for the gross discussion, but it might be helpful ? anyway, lets all keep eachother posted on our symtoms/signs :-)


Anna - October 31

Kristina - thanks for the info. I noticed the same thing last month. Hey, if you think about it everything we discuss on here is tmi for most people! :) I hope I either have (w/o knowing) or do ovulate this month - I at least want to have a chance to get a bfp! Keep me posted and good luck! I hope at least one of us gets a bfp this month.


Anna - October 31

Hi Allie! I'm the same Anna from the other thread. How's everything going? Not much to report for me.


Anna - November 1

Good morning! How is everyone doing?


Laura - November 1

Goodmorning. I am doing well.


Laura - November 1

Allie we are on the same track for oing day.



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