The Waitting Game Anyone Relate

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Toni - January 30

I have been having a lot of unprotected s_x with my husband and since 2 weeks ago, I have been feeling really sick. I have been having a lot of menstrual-like cramps, bloated, gassy. I have had headaches, lower back pain, nauseous from time to time, my(.)(.) are swolen not sore but itchy. I also have heartburn. At night sometimes my body gets very hot and I feel really cold and I am shivering, it felt like I was having the flu and also Yuck! I also have a yeast infection. I took a test 5 days ago and it was negative. AF is duetoday so I went and took another one and it was negative. Now I have to wait to take it again because I have this feeling that I am preggie because I have never had PMS symptoms that early or that intense either and it was so much more than that. I wish I could know soooo bad. I am 21, recently married and still in college. I was not ttc but just thinking that I might have that little person growing inside of me is overwhelmind and everytime I took the test and it was negative, I got soooo sad and disappointed. Anyone related ..please share your stories. It will be greatly apreciated..Thank you very much and baby dust to you all !!!!


B'Lana - January 30

We weren't trying either and now 2 tests are negative and I still feel funny, so I can totally relate! 2 days past af due now but tests keep comming back negative... Best of luck to you!


babywishes - January 30

yes, i am in the same boat! we've been TTC since September and its always such a disappointment when the nest comes out negative. with a lot of love and encouragment, my fiance helps me stay calm and reminds me that we have the rest of our lives for this. just try to stay happy because the stress will only make your problem worse. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU


Jen - January 31

I'm going thru the same thing! I'm seven days late and have had four negative home preg tests, but I still feel pregnant. I'm waiting for the drs office to call with my blood test results...keeping my fingers crossed! Baby dust to everybody!


DESIRE - January 31



hopeing - January 31

My boyfriend and I have been ttc for a while now and no luck yet im supposed to start my period on the 15th so we are waitin on that i hope i dont start but we'll see i took 2 tests about 2 weeks ago they were neg but both had faint pos lines in them then i took a different brand test and it came up neg also i guess i'll just have to keep hopeing best of luck to everyone


Karen - February 1

My af isn't even due til Friday and i don't think i can stand waiting much longer to find out. the days seem to go so slowly, on Sunday i read 2 books!


QLeO - February 1

AF 10 days late. BFN! The wait is making me nuts. Doc's appointment tomorrow, may be it will give me a peace of mind. Good luck to everyone! Baby dust to all!


angel_girl - February 1

I am right there with you Dear. I know I am pg, but would like to have a positive test to confirm. The waiting is driving me crazy. I have taken 3 home tests already, though they were all within 2-3 weeks of conception. I have a blood test schedules for next Monday, but that is such a long ways away!!! My b/f wont let me do another pee test until he is back from out of town on Sat. Geez. Its a plot to make me go nuts!! One should never tease the hormonal woman! LOL Good luck. Keep us posted.


jupitar90 - February 4

Toni! I can relate! My husband and I got married Dec 2004. And I had been on b/c since Oct, which the doctor said would kick in by then, but in January 2005 I had tosilitis, and while warned that the antibiotics would reduce the effectiveness for the rest of january of the pills, sometimes we used an alternative method of protection adn sometimes we didn't. That was about jan 5-7, and I still got my period on Jan 15. But on Feb 2, I started my period, it was different though, started pink, and then by the evening it was almost dry adn the next day just a little pink and brown again. About a week and a half ago, my b___sts were really sensitive, and for the last two evenings I've really had big mood swings, that don't even compare to my normal pms. While I'm not throwing up...i'm burping every 1-3 minutes, and a little bit of stuff always follows up my throat, making me want to throw up. My stomach feels quesy, and last night was really weird. Both at lunch and supper I felt hungry but had no appet_te for the food, even though I couldn't decide what I wanted, and the feeling didn't change when I was done eating. I don't know if I felt full before i ate or empty after, both sides I feel bloated, but I tried a test and it showed negative. I really don't wanna wait till my period, but it looks like that might be the only way to tell. My husband and i didn't expect kids yet, but now we're both a little more so than him, now I want to stop the b/c, just getting my hopes up about being prego. But we're not financially ready yet, and it wouldn't be fair to the baby to plan it this way, we'd find a way if I was, but it's not ideal. I just really feel sad now. I know it changes everything, but it doesn't change how we feel. I'm praying that the test was too early, and that God has planted a little creation inside me.


Dionne - February 4

I just posted this... so I'm with ya! I have been trying to conceive for 6 months now (we are in our early 30's). for the past couple of days I am bloated, ga__sy and have noticeable cramps on and off throughout the day. I am not due my period for another week or so. My bloating is so uncomfortable I feel like my belly is just all over the place. I had to unb___ton my jeans today to sit. (I'm thin, so this is VERY unusual for me). Is it possible I'm pregnant? Are these early signs?


sarah - February 7

i completely understand.............I took the ovulation test this month. We had intercourse about 6 days ago. Now i have about 2 more weeks to wait and it is driving me crazy. i want to know if i am pregnant or not!!! I don't have any symptoms- no tiredness, no b___b ache, nothing. I have nothing left to do but wait......


Joe - February 7

I was supposed to start AF February 1or2nd it is usually clock work because i am taking bc, but today Feb 7th still nothing. I have been really tired and irratable, slight cramping on one side down there on and off, really ga__sy and lots of heart burn at night. Taken two test so far both negative, but something in the back of my mind says different. I am 24, with a boyfriend of 4 years, and we both know this isnt the right time. The waiting is terrible, I am in that waiting game with ya. Hang in there and try a test again.


mich - February 7

Well with both my girls- I got neg. pregnancy tests until I was 3 days late. You won't get a positive test until you have enough HCG in your system, and it's possible that you just implanted late and that's why you don't have enough HCG yet. Hopefully you'll get that BFP tommorow.



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