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~A.R~ - December 12

Hello all~!! I have been having this THICK mucous like for 2 weeks now..havent had my period for 6 it doesnt have a smell or looks like it could be the plug.its very goowie and it looks like snot,like when you blow yuor nose,when your sick,its egg sh__l,clear and very slippery..last month i spotted too.i also have other symptoms too.can any1 help..thank you


nafeesah - December 12

ar i have the same thing twice i had a thick glob of mucus come out my husband seen it.but now i have white creamy discharge commin out.


bump - December 15



Christine - December 16

I dont think it is your plug...that shouldnt be happening until late in the 3rd dont even know if your the first trimester and throughout pregnancy you get an increased amount of discharge...eventually builds into a may be pregnant...have you tryed a hpt? say you have other symptoms...6 weeks late should be long enough to give you a the doc and ask for a blood test...good luck


K - December 16

Hi! Im also confuse with all my symptons.....Im so scared to go to the doctor that it might turned out an infection or cancer..I just had my papsmear last month and it came out normal...It seems that after I have a rough s_x with my hubby, I have a light spotting between periods (light brown and some light yellow) looks like the last day of your period and have a strong smell on it....same smell when I just gave birth with my two kids......Holidays is coming and I dont want to have a bad anyone could help me at least figure out whats going on with me???? It happen again last month that I went to my doctor but she told me that I might be pregnant but i took the test but it was negative....Until then I ignored it until this month that it happened again......


Ocean S. - December 16

See I am also very confused about this becuse i have had a white creamy kind of discharge for like the last 4days. and i know it's not a STD because i was cleared of allof those by my doctor but is discahrge a sign of pregnancy?


jay - December 16

I had the same thing - brownish discharge through the month - prior to ovulating. I am now 11 dpo - still the hpt says negative. I am wondering if it is "change of hormones due to age" - I am 33...also - does anyone know if the "egg white, stretchy discharge" is ovulation peek time?


Sarah - December 16

I search for good info on the net and am happy to share with people when I can. The best time to TTC is when your discharge resembles egg yes, looks clear and slippery?


christi - December 17

when I was pregnant with my twins, I had the same thing-- i was scared- but eveything was fine- make sure there is not presence of blood.. It looked like jelly!


nicola - December 17

how old r u if u jus started ur period ur jus not in a proper cyclr yet dont worry


kim - December 17

Yes the egg white looking stuff is the best time ttc....A.R. did you take a test yet?


KM - December 17

that is what your plug looks like, but you don't lose the plug till you are preparing for labour.It is common to have white or clear discharge at increased amounts during pregnancy.Just get your doctor to check it out just in case cause it could be a yeast infection.


KM - December 17

K, I really don't know what to tell you.If you are concerned, ask your doctor again and get her to look into it further.Any unusual smelling discharge is not normal.Keeo in mind pregnancy tests are not 100% acurate, get your doctor to do a blood test if you suspect pregnancy, they are more acurate



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