Thick Strechy CM

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Carrie - February 16

A few weeks ago, I had this thick CM when I wiped myself. It was very thick, whitish, and it streched. My last period was Dec. 15th. I have had mild cramps like aunt flow was coming, but nothing. My br___t have been tingling off and on. I took two pregnancy tests and they both were negative. Last night I took an ovulation predictor and it had 2 faint lines, how could i be ovulating If Im not having a period?


Cb - February 16

Carrie i have had the same whitesh weird thing almost like a goop and my gyno said its a discharge from Ovulating... hope this helps


kat - February 16

i had this last week when ovulating,its normal.


carrie - February 16

So you can ovulate when you havent had a period? I felt my cervix, or atleast what seemed to be my cervix and it was low and soft.


trisha - February 16

I had that same thing while I was pregnant, I also had clear cm. I had to wear pantyliners, hope that helped.


stacey - February 16

your body can sometimes skip a period. You do get a strechy mucus when you are ovulating- best sign to look for if you want to get pregnant. A book called Taking Charge of your Fertility explains it all. It's a great/informative read!


wondering - February 20

but can you have stretchy when preggo?


~m~ - February 20

Not sure about having stretchy CM when Preggo, but like the others said, ovulation produces stretchy CM. By the way, egg white may be the norm, but mine always is mostly white instead of clear. And as for the "faint" lines on the OPK, I'm not sure what kind of test you were using, but with the opk strips I use, there is always a 2nd line, but it doesn't signify ovulation until it reaches its peak. At that point, it is as dark or darker than the control line. Keep doing the kit, and when you do get your LH Surge, you'll know it. It is a very noticeable change in the test line. Good luck everyone!!



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