THICK Vaginal Discharge HELP

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Mandi - April 15

I have been on birthcontrol for about 11 years, and recently (3 months ago) I stopped my pill. My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for the past three months...I think we obscess over temperatures, discharge, and the like. Anyway, my temperature has been elevated for the past two weeks (since I believe my ovulation started). No concern, until this evening. I was going to the bathroom, and a HUGE glob of mucous ran out of my va___a. It was the consistency of egg white (much like the discharge during ovulation) with some minor differences (it was thicker ---still clear, with whiter globs throughout)...I apologize for the detail, but it just seems weird. I hear talk of constipation...I rarely have regular bowel movements, but for a week I did not go at all, and now I can't stop. What is the deal? I am also pee-stick is my fiance (he is always like "take a test"). Any body have any replys? I am new to this...what are the abbreviations? I would also like to know what other changes I might experience in VERY early pregnancy (post implantation)? PLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAASSEEE Help!!!


hopeful - April 15

let's hope someone can post the reply to tis Huge glob of mucus! i experience tat too. frens say it's ok, some say it's the rest of the eggs (didnt we suppose to hv one egg only?!) etc etc etc ... Mandi, when's ur last af (aunt flow)?


hopeful - April 15

hi Mandi, i guess it's pretty disappointin not to rec any replies. i ve been checkin for answers but much dismay too :((


mandi - April 15

march 17 This morning I Have a mocousy discharge with a little bit of blood.Thanks for your information.On my way to a job interview I will check back letter


Grandpa Viv - April 15

The glob of mucus is an occasional post. I think it relates to the formation of the mucus plug in the cervix. More frequent is the clear or creamy discharge that washes the v____al walls. Constipation and diarrhea are both common complaints, along with ga__sy, bloating and heartburn all caused by changes in gut function. The diaphragm loses tone, too, reulting in shortness of breath. Fatigue and frequent peeing are other common complaints. Pee on a stick a week after missing. Good luck!


Dawn - April 15

Hi Mandi. We're in the same boat! I've finally found someone!! I was on the pill for 11 years and went off in Dec 04...this is my 4th month TTC and last month, the day before AF arrived, I have this MASSIVE amount of was like my v____a had sneezed. I thought I was onto something, but AF arrived the next day. This month, I can't seem to dry up 100%. AF is due for me this weekend. I think it's our hormones so out of wack. As for as pottying, I am very regular and then all of a sudden I'm blocked up for 3 days, and then only to go like 5 times in one day to catch up. It's nuts! My b___sts have been sore, I have a ton of cramps, too. I've been all over the place since going off the pill in terms of how many PMS symptoms I have that are also pregnancy related. And they're so elevated, not just something I notice every now and then. Maybe it's because we were on the pill for so long??? It's nice to finally find someone that was on the pill for 11 years, too. Good luck to you! When is your AF due?


Mandi - April 15

This morning I got my period, but not the usual blood. More pink than red. I think I will wait for another few days and retest. Thank you all for your help. Grandpa Viv Especially Thanks Dawn it is nice to meet someone on BC for this long too.



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