Think You Re Preg But No Results Join Me

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Jolie - August 18

Hi there: I just want to start up a thread for people who have gotten negative blood and urine tests and still are experiencing the signs and symptoms. If you are anything like me, you want some support during these frustrating times, especially if you know in your gut that you are preg. Let's share experiences and stories. Vent if you want. I am due for an u/s this saturday. Also if anyone found outafter negative results thats they were in fact preg, that would be great. Likewise, if women know of reasons why we might be experiencing these symptoms other than preg, feel free to share. baby dust to all


bump - August 18



kelly - August 18

I am here waiting toooo!! I am 2 days late but only 10dpo. I think I ovulated late this month I think I got pregnant on August 8th so I am waiting I just have this feeling in my gut that I am, just like with my first child. I took a test yesterday but a Negative, I think it was to early. You know what they say... There can be many false negatives but never a false positive!!!!!!


Tonya - August 18

The last time I BD with my husband was July 22nd, & then he left for Iraq. It was right around the time I ovulated, so I was hopeful... We have been ttc for over a year now. I ended up getting my af on Aug 10th, but it was light (red first day, & pink for the next several days.) I only spotted barely enough to be worth wearing a tampon. I always have very heavy periods, so I guess I'm still kinda hopeful about possible IB. I took a test the day my af started, but negative. I had every symptom in the book before af arrived... I'm still feeling most of them now. I'm just confused. I don't want to be hoping for nothing, but now I have to wait 8 months for my husband to return home to try again. I would LOVE to be able to tell him I'm pregnant:) Should I test again? I know with my first pregnancy, I didn't get a positive until I was nearly 6 weeks. At least I can sit & wait with you guys:) I'll listen to similar stories. I love hearing them & feeling not so alone in this. Baby Dust!!


Jolie - August 18

I'm happy to hear from you, kelly and guys understand what frustration is! I'm glad to see that i'm not in this state of limbo alone. Tonya, my husband lives out of country so i know how you feel about having to wait before the next opportunity! Is it true that you can get many false negatives and still be preg?


Tisha-Marie - August 18

I feel that I might be pregnant. I took a home-pt and it came out negative. But I think I took it too early. I will wait to see if I get my period next week. I'm having a few symptoms and one is the b___st tenderness/soreness which I have never had before. I'm happy and nervous at the same time.


bump - August 18

any esponse


Kristen - August 23

I'm on the pill and my period is normally very regular (like clockwork). I'm 7 days late now. I was supposed to start last Tuesday but didn't then on thursday I spotted brown. I have been exhausted, nausiated, had b___st tenderness, and hungry all of the time. I've taken a couple of hpts but they came back negative. Is it possible to pregnant on the pill? Did I just test too soon?


Kitten - August 23

I have felt for a couple of weeks that I might be pregnant - I was on the pill but last month I forgot to take about three days worth in a row. According to my ovulation chart, the weekend I was ovulating was around the time of my missed pills. I have been feeling tired, getting headaches, feeling sick, bloated and weeing a lot. I took a test a couple of days before my period was due and it came back negative. Then I thought I should wait for my period, which came as planned, but was much much lighter and not like normal at all so i took another test, but still negative - went to the doctors today and she seemed to think the chances of me being pregnant are very slim considering two neg tests, I didnt find her helpful at all... I can't get the thought out of my head that I am pregnant and it seems from reading this, a lot of people experience the same thing with negative tests... If i am not pregnant, why am i getting up twice in the night to pee, having discomfort sleeping on my front and feeling so tired? Also, why was my period so light this month? I don't understand!


deanne - August 23

I believe I concieved on the 12th with my last period being on the 28th July. I cant handle nipples have been sensitive since about the 16th and then I started to develop prominent veins around my b___sts and on my nipples. Some days are worse than others. This waiting game is killing me....!!


bec - August 23

i think i may be pregnant too but im too scared to ask my mom for a pregnancy test and im too scared to go to the doctors im 15 and i have the symtoms of sickness headaces and i gutta go to the tiolet all the time im so confused i had s_x 4 days after my last period with no protection and he ejected in me and i know for sure that im pregnant but i dont know PLEASE HELP ME......:(


Laura - August 24

Hey, Bec, you should go to your local Planned Parenthood and get a free urine test done. Just tell your mom you're going to a friend's house or something ;) I hope everything works out for you!! As for me, if I'm pregnant then I would be about 8 weeks along right now. My last "real" period was from June 30th to July 4th or so. I bled again on July 28th, but it only lasted a few days (versus the usual 4 or 5) and it was lighter. Not considerably lighter, but lighter. I've also experienced extreme b___st tenderness (they've never hurt this much before), my nipples are extra sensitive, sore, and they even have white tips, I've felt queasy off and on, hungrier, I've had weird cramps (sometimes they throb on one side and sometimes it's a dull ache), and my pee smells stronger. I'm going to take a blood pregnancy test next week.


r - August 24

31 days late been docs this morning for another urine test, feel nauseous right now sore b___bs headaches,tiredness,cramping pains in my hips,i would be 8 weeks now. waiting til fri for test results.


Tonya - August 24

Does anybody know about evaporation lines on hpt's?? I've had a line show up in the stated time on both tests in the box, but they just seem like the "wrong" color to me. I was just wondering how quickly an evap line can form?? Isn't it a bit impossible to show up in the 3min time limit?? I want to be excited, but I still am nervous I guess. I would be 6 weeks pregnant today if I am indeed PG. Any advice is appreciated:) BABY DUST TO ALL!!!


minnie - August 24

Hi, I am 23 and would like to see if you guys can help? My husband and I have been trying for a baby for about a month, I am 2 days late for my period, and have been having, a lot of gas, at night I can't sleep without tossing and turning, and have been having lots of back pain. Could i be pregnant my b___bies itch alot, and sometimes hurt. please let me know what you guys think. THANKS


Nell - August 24

I got 2 faint positives with 2 different brands one negative with another went to see a dr. of a friend of mines and he did a urine test negative and an ultrasound nothing there. I just knew I was pregnant now I think I may be crazy. Af is 3 full days late. I even had intercourse (usually helps bring on af but no. Sore b___st constant urination bloated light cramping and the feeling of being pregnant.


Joanne S. - August 24

Here is my story..My period started on the 2nd and ended on the 7th. On the 8th and 9th my husband and I had s_x. On the 14th my stomach cramped me so bad like menstrual cramps, I thought I was going to die. That same evening, only when I wiped there was light pink discharge. On the 16th and 17th, there was a darker discharge, not even enough for liner. On the 18th on upto today, my b___sts have been really sore..I have taken two hpts, one negative, and the other really didn't work . Could I have experienced IB and just think I am pregnant? or could I really be pregnant..My husband and I have been together for 11 years and have been trying now for 7 years. I have been told that I have PCOS, and with meds I can get pregnant. So, I hope that I am hoping and wishing this time for nothing...It gets so frustrating over the days, months, and years..Luck to all...



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