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jazyk4l - February 22

I just have a quick question that I wanted to know a little about. I've been ready about people having a wierd taste in thier mother when waking up... Is that a sign of pregnancy? I'm wondering because last night I constantly felt thirsty!! I had a glass of water before I went to bed like I always do. Then I woke up twice in the middle of the night so thirsty. The second time I woke up and this morning when I woke I had a nasty taste in my mouth and so very thirsty. I thought it was probably acute dehidration at first but i'm ready other peoples forums and finding out that other people are having sorta the same symptoms. (Please don't answer with... go see a doctor.. I've already scheduled a doctors appointment for tests)


Jezebel - February 22

i dont know about a sign of pregnancy but it is one of the top 2 signs of diabetes.


kellywall - February 22

I have never heard of being thirsty as a sign of pregnancy and usually when I wake up I have a bad taste in my mouth too's called bad breath lol From readying your other post I wouldn't think that you're preggo....are you ttc? When I was preggo I had a metal type taste in my mouth...maybe that is what you were thinking of. Either way...good luck!!


Sandy81 - February 23

Ok so you made an appointment so until you go just watch tv or read a book cause anything can be anything. Metal taste is a good sign but thirst can really be anything. Because of the time frame you baby danced it dont seem likely. But are you ttc? You havent really shed much light on that.


Jezebel - February 23

oh wow my tea just almost came out my nose when i read go watch tv or read a book in the mean time THAT is cla__sic! seriously though, i dont know ifyou are in the US or not but it is winter...air is really dry from heaters, its entirely possible you are still just particulary parched lately.


Sandy81 - February 23

Sorry. What I meant was find a disctraction and sit tight b/c it's true we can drive ourselves bananas with wondering. I would say focus on very distinct signs that either collectively point to def pregnancy or those which you can't really attribute to much else. If its mere thirst just save the thread until you perhaps taste metal or something. I dunno. I am just trying to save someone from the trials and trivials. Reading helps (lmfao)... seriously .... =P =P ... okay, really... I just finished a Thousand Splendid Suns which was phenominal and um, um- I am reading: The Other Boeyln Girl (b/c its going to be a motion picture soon)... but yes, the air is also somewhat dry here too =O


Jezebel - February 23

im reading his other one the kite runner...i have to get a thousand splendid suns...this may turn into a book club thread if jazy doesnt come back lol


Sandy81 - February 24

Jez I read Thousand Suns first it was FANTASTIC. I got the Runner 2nd, even though it was his first but I couldn't get into it. I heard it is just as great though. The reviews are insanly good. Let me know when you read Splendid. I put Runner Down for Boeyln Girl. Yes, BookClub... my thoughts exactly. Small worlds afteralllllll...


Jezebel - February 24

ill probably get that one too as i am ADDICTED to the show the tudors


Sandy81 - February 24

Hmm you got me on that one I haven't seen that show =/ . What did you read before Runner?



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