This Board Is Out Of Hand

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Leaving - November 22

I found this site recently and I was really excited. However, recently I feel like I have to decipher what is junk and what is not. I agree everybody should have a place to come and ask questions, but some of these things seem utterly ridiculous! Moreover, I really don’t believe that some of these questions are for real. For those who will just say to ignore the question- it is difficult to do this, because you can’t really tell until after you are reading it. Don’t get me wrong I have posted my fair share of funny questions, but they were honestly something I really needed advice on. I am sure there are a lot of people on here who are in the same boat as me, but a few people are just ruining this board. So anyhow, I am leaving this board. I have found a couple of other good sites for those looking for some real answers: and


amy - November 22

here here


to leaving - November 22

that is why I have joined a spacific thread and stuck to the ladies I like, and don't read that other c___p.


amy - November 22

Are you Lisa?


Em - November 22

yes, i agree, I have never been so offended. I am pregnant and I just can't handle reading this stuff! Please join me at Baby Poops thread, We are the best thread on this site and we don't have this sort of nonsense. We had lots of bfps too...we are a very lucky thread, so come on over!


ahava uk - November 22

yep, you get little perverted freaks on this site, posting stuff : it should be moderated and monitored....but thats life: just skip over the silly bits.


blah - November 22

We are the best thread...blah blah....barf


Em - November 22

geez blah, just some see Baby Poops and you will want to join! Come on over!


amy - November 22

No thanks....a bit immature for me but thanks.


Everyone - November 22

I know some of the questions seemed that way and even the questions I ask are crazy,but I really need to know if anyone been through this. Anyway I hope after tomorrow I will not have to post about myself anymore. I can just answer some other people questions, because of what I have been through.


huh? - November 22



Leaving - November 23

Good luck to all of you!


Michelle - November 23

I just went to the Baby poops thread. What a great bunch of ladies. I am excited about being on one thread. Come on over to Baby Poops



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