This Could Be A Stupid Question

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Bella01 - June 7

Is it possible to get pregnant the day your period ended or in the 1st or second day of your period ending? I had s_x the day after my period ended and the next day, & the second time we werent planning on having intercourse but fooling around a bit more led to other things and the last thing on our minds was protection (i know stupid!) but he barely went inside me, but i know pre-ejactulation can make you preggers...but my friend believes you can get pregnant at anytime. But thats what she thinks she knows. I would like to hear some more responses. I am very irregular, & I haven't got my period since that happened and it's been over a month now. I have shown no signs of pregnancy though. Nothing at all. It barely crosses my mind. But I'm having a lot of stress, so that could be a possibility of no AF. Thanx for the read ladies!


Rhonda - June 12

Hem,not for certain,but have heard you can.


LadyD - June 13

It depends when you ovulate, if you don't temp or use opk's you won't definetely know when you Ov. If you have a short cycle, the chances are greater at getting pg a lil while after af, if it's long, then you may Ov later. Also, stress can cause you to Ov later, which in turn makes af late. Not all women get signs of pg, either, I am living proof, know signs the whole 30 wks (had a preemie) I was pg. If you are unsure, take a test to ease your mind, especially being over a month since that incident.Let us know. Good luck!


curly - June 13

yes i depends when you ovulate, i have a friend that got pregnet the day after her af was done.


Bella01 - June 14

Thanx Girls for your responses. I took 2 tests & both came back positive...:D I am very irregular, & very stressed at the moment. We all have our times I guess. I did visit the doctor and he already knows how irregualr I am, and that it could be another month or 2 before I AF, so until then I might be feeling like I am getting AF, which is getting cramps, sore b___bs, increase & decrease in appet_te, which might make my mind start telling me im pregnant. His best get away for a weekend or a few days, relax & ease the stress.. Im on vacation for a week in less than a month! So hope that helps... Doc said to come back and visit if I still hadn't got AF...might not only be stress... Thanx again, this site is amazing!


Bella01 - June 14

OH WOW!!! I MEANT NEGATIVE! lol wow im NOT preggers! Sorry if i discombobulated a few of you, i said positive instead of negative...yes both tests came back negative and a trip to the doctors... i dunno where my mind was...early morning on first coffee...blah sorry again all is good... me and my hubby are tryin for a baby possibly in a year, or beginning of 2007...we wanna buy ahouse first get all that jazz outta the way.. until then thanx!



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