This Forum Is Confusing People

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Tarni - January 30

Even though this forum is good for advise, I find it very confusing.. I have not posted here yet, however I have read other people's posts and possible symptons they have.. Some people say yes it is early pregnancy signs then on another post with exactly the same signs someone says no it's your AF starting or no your certainly not pregnancy .. If people have no idea maybe they shouldn't say anything at all... I believe this is giving false hopes to people or making them feel down cause people say AF is coming...


agree - January 31

i totaly 100% agree with u !!!!


Cathi - January 31

I agree with you, but to be honest, I think it is almost impossible to get one straight and consistent answer to the same question. The problem is that the same symptoms we get before we get AF, is also the same symptoms we get when having conceived. For some women these were indeed their signs of having conceived, but for another woman who gets exactly the same symptoms, they were the indication that menstruation was coming. All you can do is not to believe all the opinions you received but only using them as a guide to making up your own mind. Go by your gut feel, because it is only you who really know your body. Not other woman on this forum could possibly make an informed decision for you by judging your situation based on a 10 liner paragraph. If you are seriously looking for a professional opinion, disregard this forum and see your doctor instead. I also made the mistake in the beginning to go by other women's stories and thereby try to judge my circ_mstances, but I quickly realized I was being silly. Now I only use this forum to identify, give/get support and occasionally pick up a tip. Good luck!


Sha - January 31

Of course this forum shouldn't be used in place of your doctor's diagnosis. Everyone's body is different and reacts differently. I think this forum is more or less a place to give and receive comfort from those who have similar experiences and a place to share one's experiences with others.


kat - January 31

i totally agree with you sha!


kms - February 3

here is the one knows what the exact signs of early preganancy are. Since progesterone is the hormone that is responsible for both premenstral symtoms, and pregnancy sympoms. so before the hormone HCG is introduced in to the blood stream, it is all up in the air, and every woman is different. It's your ignorance that is funny here. People come here to see and compare symptoms and hope to find rea__surance, for what ever it is they're looking for. So, Tarni if you're so confused, buy a book, educate yourself.


Sha - February 3

Well said ~m~


J - February 3

I think signs and symptoms could be both and every woman is different I think they women on this forum are just trying to help eachother.


Trancy - February 3

To each.....her own!!!!!!! I thought this site was for us to share personal experiences & stuff?!?!?!? ~PLUR~


B'Lana - February 3

Sha, ~m~, totally yours! Most ladies here return because it's the only place where we can get rea__surance and support, just that pat on the back, when it's so importnant! Ultimatly, you are the only one who really knows deep down if you have a life inside of you or not! This forum just lets people chat and support each other! Best to all!



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