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lostman - December 11

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a while now. She is really into it and loves me, but I am still not having the same feelings for her and want her to be better off with someone who can treat her better than me. I tried to break up with her 6 months ago. As we were breaking up she told me she was late, so then obviously I’m not going to leave a woman that is carrying my child (and she knows that) so I stayed with her. It came to be she was late because she had switched to a higher birth control and it messed up her period. So things were good for a while but about three months ago, after being s_xually active, I broke up with her again. We did not talk until she sent me a message saying she was pregnant and for me "not to worry about it" saying she was going to have an abortion, so I was like ok. Then later on she switched it up and started telling me how she was confused and she was going to keep it. So I at this point go and see her at her place and we make up and get back together again. She takes the “abortion pill” (she claims is a double dosage of her birth control), and it is gone so she says. I ask her about once every three days if her period has happened yet and she finally says it does after a couple weeks. At this point I break up with her a week later. BUT the next morning I find an email telling me she lied about her period and that she was five weeks pregnant, and moving out of state to have it. THIS TIME I bring a birth control test with me and I have her take it and put her money where her mouth is. NEGATIVE. She then tells me she is not lying about missing her period. I try to break up with her then but she will not let me leave her place, as I was temporarily handicapped and was on crutches, so I lied to her telling her it was ok and left. The doctor told her (I think, I honestly do not know what to believe at this point), that she had an ovarian cyst and is why she was missing her period. She started bleeding real bad the other day and had to have and emergency to remove it. (Note she has had this in the past). She claimed she was not pregnant now and was ok. We have another fight the other night and she says in a message “the doctor told me to do a pregnancy test if I keep bleeding.” OF COURSE SHE HAS TO BRING UP THE P WORD AGAIN. NOW, I have cut off all s_xual intercourse. Not even protected s_x. It has been seven weeks(49 days) to the day we have not had s_x. I saw her naked the other day and she looked fitter than ever. IS THERE ANY WAY SHE IS PREGNANT?? I GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS!!!


Hmmm - December 11

I don't think she is pregnant. I think she is trying to trap you and keep you. If it has been seven weeks since you have had s_x and she has a negative pregnancy test, she is NOT pregnant. Run! Run! Run! Don't look back! Cut off all contact with her and move on!


carol23 - December 11

SHE IS CRAZY! get out of that for real! This girl thinks that the only way she can keep you is to get pregnant. You can do WAY better than that. Run, Run, Run is right! The first incident sounds suspicious as it is. Don't have s_x with her again!! EVER!! She's gonna keep doing this to you. Oh, and when you have an ovaryian cist and they remove it, they prescribe antibiotics , which by the way....... VOIDS OUT BIRTH CONTROL!!!! How could the doctor have told her to take a pregnancy test if she keeps bleeding? Who's her doctor? Dr. Evil?????? d__n, this girl is TRIFLIN!!!


lostman - December 11

Thats what I asked her. Wouldnt the doctor who went into her ovaries know that she is pregnant?


lostman - December 11

Thanks for the response by the way. So when you say antibiotics voids birth control, what does that imply? If the birthcontrol is void cant she get pregnant? I mean we havnt done it in 7 weeks though and she just had the surgery late last week.


jeanette - December 11

Ok, I have had at least 20 ovarian cysts. First off, the FIRST thing they do before surgery is look inside to confirm it with an ultrasound and they would have seen a pregnancy. They would have to know if she was pregnant BEFORE they did surgery. SECOND....I had an ovarian cyst when I became pregnant with my 2nd child and the pregnancy hormones DISSOLVED the cyst.....THIRD...there is no Doctor in the world that would think a woman is pregnant if she keeps bleeding...if anything, they would think she had a miscarriage..... Hope this helps....God bless!


lostman - December 11

thanks for the help. But is there anyway to tell like in the belly about pregnancy at 7 weeks? Or is that too early?


ashley - December 11

Do what you did again, give her a pregnancy test to take and RUN, because it WOULD show up after 7 weeks. I am seriously doubting she is pregnant. I think she just uses the word to get you to stay. RUN LIKE HELL. she is not pregnant!


lostman - December 11

Thanks, I mean it has been seven weeks since we had s_x not since she missed her period which is God knows when. So do you measure pregnancy from the time you miss a period or have s_x? I am so confused. I am only 20 and have alot going for me alot is at risk thats why I watch it so closely. She hasnt had her period in a long time she says but how does the cyst affect the period??


Jennifer - December 11

most doctors begin counting the weeks the first day of your missed period...i have a small cyst on one of my ovaries but after getting a pelvic sono the doctors arent really worried about it because its so small...


lostman - December 12

I asked her about her cyst and the antibiotics they prescribed to her. She said that they did not give her any. Isnt it pretty standard though to get antibiotics after being put under and cut on?


jeanette - December 12

Lostman------Absolutely!! Post surgery, you have alot of risk for infections....I have always taken antibiotics after surgery on my uterus.....maybe its just a precautionary measure taken by my Doc, but I believe its a pretty standard practice.


jeanette - December 12

Also....don't you find it kind of strange that she is always "pregnant" when you break up....and "not" when you get back together?


Lacey - December 12

I would buy her a test. If it has been more than seven weeks since you had s_x and longer since she has missed her af, than if she is pregnant it would show on the test for sure!!! If it comes back negitive, than you should RUN and not look back! From what you have said, I would say she is NOT pregnant. Also, you should NEVER have s_x with her again, because she sounds like one of those girls who would stop taking her BC just so she could get pregnant to trap you. RUN for your life!!!


Deb - December 12

She is definitely lying to you! Cut your ties and move on, asap!


lostman - December 13

Ok I just remembered the last time we had s_x was like November 6-7ish. She said she had a abnormal period at the end of November. I gave her the test before that time of her weird period. She said she took a test (about 7-10 days after her weird period) and it was negative. Her cyst has probably been the reason for her weird period. I am going to give her a test for it though in the next couple of days. She is seeing a better doctor today and he will tell her whats wrong, but I do not trust the information she is going to relay to me. Is there anyway a cyst masks the pregnancy from showing up on a test??


kira - December 13




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