This Is For Midwifery Natalie

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sc - February 12

stop giving people advice you do not know what your talking about aparently your cerix is not always high an untouchable stop telling these ladies that you are probably confusing them..many of us have told you that in posts now this is just for YOU


Midwifery_Natalie - February 12

justto let you knw, i am a qualified midwife of 25 years experience in england. we do the same jbs obsteitritians d in america. i know signs of pregnancy like the back of my hand. wat i said was yur cervix is untouchable to the human hand if you are pregnant r ovulating. i never said it was high all the time.


midwifery_natalie - February 12

hw else d u think doctors can tell when they examine you with your uterus and cervix. they can alsi determine whether you have misscarried by that, however, they tend to like using more comfortable methods at such delicate time


janet - February 12

i felt my cervix during ovulation AND pregnancy.....


midwifery_natalie - February 12

well every pregnancy is different. there are n two alike. there are definately changes to a cervix, most tend to be a raising in the cervix. some peple get different signs. you should knw by reading these forums that no syptom or body is the same


shaz - February 12

mine is within reach all the time. maybe some of us have low cervixs.


to midwife natalie - February 12

but you said you know pregnancy symptoms by the back of your hand...just please dont give us false hopes...some of us arent so lucky to just go to bed to get pregnant...i myself have spent thousands on donor sperm,,,and the waiting game is harder,,,cause some of us just cant try again next month...have to save money and try when enough is saved...


janet - February 12

there was another one who thought she knew everything about pregnancy too..i cant remember who it was but its so stupid....just doont listen to her...babydust to all


to janet and sc - February 12

You guys are awfully rude!


sc - February 12

nobody said they got the same sighns ok all we are saying is dont come in these rooms saying "oh well i have 25 years exp." and so? everyone learns a new thing everyday our point is you plainly said in a post 2 different times there is no way you can reach your cervix when your pregnant so that means your not pregnant and your wrong so just think about what you say before you speak ok because like Janet said not all of us are as lucky to just jump in the bed and be pregnant some of us have been trying for YEARS!



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