This Is Gonna Sound Really Bad But I NEED Help

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taylor - May 20

ok a week or so ago i had s_x--twice!and im 14! i know thats really bad! i dont really know what had happened or what the heck i was doing. one time was protected and the second time wasnt. but the unprotected i swear wasnt that long it seemed really fast and i dont think anything really happend--like being pregnant wise.i mean he came and all but he wasnt in me.but now like a week later i like get like regular discharge but i think that im really close to my period--is it possiable that im getting regular period symptions(discharge) and still mean that im pregnant, or doesnt that mean that im completely NOT PREGNANT?---which im REALLY hoping cause im only 14 and it was a huge mistake--PLEASE HELP!


hey - May 20

do u have any other symptoms ? and is it alot of discharge? if not i doubt ur prgenant ...just be careful ,i doubt u want a baby at ur age .


taylor - May 20

omg! that what i was hoping to hear! and i really hope that your right! thanks your a big help to me and your COMPLETELY right---i dont want a baby @ this age--ive been stressing myself over that for the longest time--well actually since it happened--but i was reading all these other possiable symptoms,and well i do have like a cold kinda like thing--a runny nose and a sore throat,but then again i was like in this pole barn--naked--when this happened and i think i just got a cold from that cause so did other people that i was with.but the amount of discharge is just like any ol' period but i was scared cause i mean i can only imagine what ill have to go throught @ school and stuff like that.----speaking of which---people @ school some of them already know can anyone think of anything that i can do to tell them? i mean it was a mistake and i dont want to come off as like a complete whore bag!and from now on i agree to be careful! i mean this is serious stuff that im dealing with here and i cant just act like i have---thank you again! ps.14 years old +s_x = BAD! easy math!


hi - May 20

ok i don't agree with 14 yr olds having s_x but i'm not here to give you a lecture maybe just a little help. I was 14 when i lost my virginity...big mistake. It doesn't matter if he was in you or not, if you have unprotected s_x, a guy can still have sperm in his pre ejaculation and this can get you pregnant. After i had s_x the first time, and yes it was unprotected s_x, i thought i was pregnant because my discharge was very different. Not sure why that was but it was scary. Luckily i wasn't pregnant and I made the choice not to have s_x until marriage after that. I soon found out the guy had been with about 30 girls and i spent the next 10 years praying aid's didn't pop up or something else. If your gonna have s_x, take charge and make sure you use protection. you will have less to worry about in the long run. Don't want to come across as preachy, just wanted to share my experience and hope it helps.


taylor - May 20

yeah 14 is bad and i regret doing that..but he wasnt like anywhere near my v____a when he came and he didnt go back there still a chance


hi - May 21

anytime a guy is inside you without a condom there is a chance you could get pregnant. He doesn't have to be inside you or near your v____a when he ejaculates for you to get pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - May 21



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